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Have you ever dried your self with toilet paper after a shower?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19107points) 1 month ago

When you ran out of towels?

Humor welcome.

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This gave me a slight chuckle. Haha no. I have used a bathrobe or just sat down in a chair til I aired dried.

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There is no such thing as “running out of towels” unless you threw them all away. Only running out of “clean towels”, which is subjective. So no, I never have.

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@anniereborn 5 years ago I was at a homeless shelter for a night and I took a shower. They had no towels. I could not just get dressed and ask the front office all sopping wet.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Oh RDG I am so sorry to hear that happened.

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I knew this was a RDG question before I got to the end of the title.

Toilet paper has to be one of the worst things to try to dry an entire body off with, that’s even absorbent. Slightly better than trying to use a loofa, or a bar of soap, or a toothbrush.

Not as good as finding a dry wall and pressing your wet naked body against it.

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At the gym they were charging $3 for use of a towel. So I took a shower and dried off with paper towels. HA!!

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That would be crap!

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Nope. I wouldn’t even try.

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