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Where can I find chewy and soft candy canes?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24656points) June 14th, 2021

Where do they sell them?
Have you tried them?
Did you like them?

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I have never seen such a thing. Would they be like red licorice with a white, minty swirl?

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“Candy Canes” are a hard candy, not a soft and chewy one.

But you can find chewy candies at the Jelly Belly factory which is about 25 miles from where I live.

@LuckyGuy You can get red and white swirl chewy candy mints but only at Christmastime.

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Guys, the link I showed above is available on Amazon right now. They are soft enough that you can bite them. I’ve had them many times.

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I checked your link and did not find soft candy canes. The closest I could find were soft peppermint sticks toward the bottom.. Maybe that is what the op meant, but technically a stick is not a cane.

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Bob’s brand are like wedding mint texture.

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Sorry, they’re not candy cane shape, but they can be chewed. I didn’t realize that the shape was important.

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