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How much do you tip for this (see details)?

Asked by canidmajor (17992points) 1 month ago

I am wondering if there are regional differences in how much people tip dog groomers.
Just curious, as I have noticed that there seems to be some variance depending on state/area.

And please don’t just say you don’t have your dog groomed.

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I don’t have mine groomed, BUT, my sister in law had hers groomed and usually tipped 20 percent. Here, they have these bread trucks set up as a grooming facility complete with bathing facilities, and come to your home. So worth not having to haul the dog to the groomer.

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Twenty dollars for a $100 wash and grooming. (2 dogs)

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I think I tipped $10 – $15 on a $60 bill.

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Regardless of the service, I always tip 15%-20% for good service.

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No less than 10%.

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I think there are vast regional differences in the costs of services such as grooming, hair cuts and house cleaning.

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