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If you could heal any organ or part of your body what would you pick?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19069points) 1 month ago

Eyes? Skin? Teeth? Brain? Heart?

You can only pick one.

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My heart.

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@chyna Me too. I’ve suffered with heart arrhythmias for 20 years. 6 years of taking strong drugs that did more harm than good, many hospitals stays with >10 cardioversions, 3 heart ablations, countless days of feeling sick and miserable. Dollar cost to insurance companies is well over $500K.

My heart is pumping normally today and I’m feeling terrific. But the dark cloud of a-fib will alway follow me.

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^On New Years Eve of 2018 I had to have a heart cath. My LAD was blocked 99%. My whole family has heart issues. It’s always in the back of my mind that every time I have any kind of pain, it could be my heart.

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My heart. I was diagnosed with heart failure a year ago,

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I would pick my nose, no…wait!

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My brain. After a bunch of concussive events in my life, as well as chemo, it could use a little tuning up.

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My brain. I want a brain transplant. My current one doesn’t feel good at all.

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I don’t care, I’m gonna die anyway. And I’d rather croak, than owe my soul to the thieving heath care racketeers.

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^Debbie Downer

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LOL @chyna, if that was directed at me.

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It was. :-)

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My brain. It’s the only one with problems right now. I would love to no longer have OCD or anxiety disorder.

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My GI tract.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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My pancreas

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My eyes. I had to get bifocals some years ago and I am just sick and tired of having to wear glasses. When I get a new prescription, I end up walking like a drunk for the first week or so because looking down makes me dizzy. I’m likely to end my life quite blind as macular degeneration is well underway.

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