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What is the best example of a country where they opened too soon, then had to lock up again? (COVID topic)

Asked by flo (13210points) 1 month ago

As asked.

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Taiwan and Singapore are two places. Check out this link:

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For years to come there will probably be outbreaks, and then advisories in those areas to restrict movement.

Australia had a lot of strict rules and then loosened up, and then I think it was some pilots created some cases. Australia got on top of it and squashed the virus before it got out of control.

The UK has gone in and out of lockdown twice if I remember correctly. The one after Christmas was pre-planned. The UK let people risk killing themselves over Christmas and then locked down afterwards. My girlfriend there received money to shut down her restaurant.

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@JLeslie “The one after Christmas was pre-planned. The UK let people risk killing themselves over Christmas and then locked down afterwards” Is that what the government admits to or just accused of doing it on purpose?

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@flo Honestly, it changed a couple of times. The UK had a variant they were worried about so the Christmas “bubble” where they would allow people to get together for Christmas and then back to lockdown I think did not pan out exactly as originally planned. I don’t see why anyone needs a government to tell them being near other people at Christmas is just as dangerous as any time of year.

I think it was obvious to most of us in countries that are primarily Christian that Christmas would cause spikes. Really obvious in the US where we have Thanksgiving to get things going. The US knew the spike would naturally come back down I guess, because January we don’t move around much anyway.

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My jaw dropped when I read ” pre-planned. The UK let people risk killing themselves over Christmas…” So my question is it the opposition and/or doctors against loosening up things (pro hard lockdown for much longer)?

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@flo I googled a little and from what I read the UK modified their recommendations to be a little stricter over Christmas than originally, but still people could visit with each other, and yes of course they knew some people would get sick, and we know the growth is exponential.

The US did the same, we knew people would travel during the holidays and some would die because of it. The neighbor of a friend of mine here where I live literally went to visit their grandchildren for the holidays, they caught covid, and the husband died. Like I said, anyone who needed the government to put in a restriction wasn’t paying attention.

Every year people travel and visit family during the holidays and people die because of it. That’s when flu starts to really move around, then it gets in the schools, and so on. If we just keep masks and better awareness on public transportation it will be huge. If they keep kids a little more separated during January and February it would be good too. Just using what they have been doing in schools for covid, or changing the school breaks would help also. Some schools get breaks in February.

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But that’s not my question @JLeslie

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Here’s an article from late November, but I heard on the TV many interviews where they were talking about it. It was a mixture or getting Christmas revenue and people not feeling Christmas was being taken away.

From the article:

Sources say the plans are expected to be announced next week and will see households able to mix from December 22 and 28.

Church services will be able to go ahead as well, with restrictions currently only allowing religious buildings to remain open for private prayer only expected to be lifted allowing Christmas Day services to be held.

The hospitality sector will be able to open up again in this time, in a much need boost to the British economy.

But this lifting of restrictions may come at a price, it has been warned.

Public Health England (PHE) suggested that for every one day of relaxed restrictions, the UK would need an extra five days of tighter rules.

So if these plans to cancel the rules between December 22 and 28 come to fruition, this could mean more than a month of tighter regulations – 35 days in fact.

Then a few weeks later in December they were warning to be much stricter even during Christmas. My guess is people had already started shopping a lot and doing Christmas parties and the virus was already back on the move.

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Ok. Nothing about if it’s the opposition and/or pro hard lockdown doctors accusing the government then.

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