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What was something you were unhappy about, but decided to change?

Asked by raum (8978points) 1 month ago from iPhone
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My relationship with my mother. It had been terrible for two decades due to her behavior (as a result of a mental illness). Once my dad died, I decided to try and make it better — meet in the middle, as it were.

She was game at first, but after a couple months of working on it, she couldn’t be bothered. Told me to fuck off and I never heard from her again. This was twelve years ago.

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I was very shy for my first 18 years. I didn’t like it so I changed it

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My relationship with my mother, too. After sixty years I called it quits and feel much better.

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I was also unhappy about my allergies so I got rid of them too.

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My career choice. Once I figured out what kind of business I could do by myself, for myself, I was on my way!

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I drank from ages 17 to 47. It got worse as time passed, to the point that I was drinking a fifth of vodka per day the last 2–3 years; had to drink to feel ‘normal’. During the week when I worked, I wouldn’t drink until I got home. Missed out on so much of life because if I couldn’t drink while doing something, I didn’t do it. Quit sometime in 2003 and don’t miss it a bit. Quitting drugs, drink, and smokes – best things I ever did.

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After being unhappy much of my teen years, I got married to someone I knew for a week. A year later, I had a beautiful baby boy and made a pledge to be happy every day for the rest of my life. It has worked, so far.

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I was depressed as a young teenager and eventually got a job and it changed everything.

I was unhappy about sitting around the house too much when I wasn’t working (in my 40’s) so eventually I found Zumba.

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When I fist got married, I was in the bad habit of going out at night carousing with my buds almost every night. My wife hated it, and told me it was her or them. So I changed immediately, because I had no choice. It all worked out, have had a great marriage for 40 years. No regrets.

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All my life my dad has not wanted to be part of my life and it was very hurtful.

Recently I saw him out, gave him a hug and wished him well, said the least he could do was add me on Facebook if he couldn’t get over thing’s. He did.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get 100% over it, but I won’t reach out anymore.

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My hairdresser.

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