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Doesn’t China risk pariah status for its treatment of Uighurs and Tibetans?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24055points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Despite all efforts to suppress the news, doesn’t China risk demotion to the status of North Korea?

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Many already consider the Chinese government as pariahs for its human rights violations.

But they are completely different from N Korea. NK is a closed society, no interaction with the rest of the world. And NK isn’t persecuting an ethnic minority, they just persecute the whole population.

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Not really, no.
North Korea is an isolated and decrepit state, that, apart from its nuclear aspirations, poses little military threat to its neighbours. They can not even feed their own people.

China is a massive country with large military and advanced technology, that is a threat to its neighbours.
Plus the fact that everything the West consumes is made in China. Even if they wanted to, western companies moving their production out of the region would take years, if not decades. China has the western capitalists by the balls, and they know it.

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Strange question. Who is assigning the status?

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China simply doesn’t care.

They are too economically strong and too politically influential for any criticism to make a difference.

And they have ‘bought’ the allegiance of other countries through economic aid – particularly in Europen, Asia, and more and more in Africa.

Being China means you never have to say you’re sorry.

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Obviously, they don’t care. What @elbanditoroso said.

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@product Why is the question strange? And who is assigning WHAT status?

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I live in the US, which is a rogue, imperialist power. Like @elbanditoroso says – China and the US just don’t care. Being China or the US means you never have to say you’re sorry.

I guess I was questioning the concept of how a country could “risk pariah status”. This implies universal opinion. When you say, “risk pariah status”, who are the ones deciding that a country has reached this status?

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Not as long as we and other nations desire their lucrative market and rely on them for cheap products. Don’t expect much beyond scolding and hand-wringing while things stay the same.

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But countries are already ramping up sanctions against China with accusations of genocide, forced labor, forcible organ harvesting from dissidents, and particularly political prisoners. The Chinese are of course retaliating, particularly against Australia whose economy is joined at the hip to ore and mineral exports to Chinese industrial enterprises. China has drastically cut its imports of coal from Australia to the extent that there are actually huge shortages in China, with the burning of coal actually prohibited in some regions and steel mills idle.

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I don’t support China’s treatment of the Uighurs but I don’t think we should make too much of it either. It isn’t genocide and China is nothing like North Korea. China has many ethnic minorities within its borders and they live their lives in their traditional areas in traditional ways. China’s ethnic minorities have generally fared much better than say the native tribes within the United States.

China sees its Uighur population as being a threat to the internal stability of the country and it is going to continue its efforts to assimilate it into wider Chinese society whatever the west may say.

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