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Is there anyone out there commemorating the loss of a loved one to September 11, 2001's tradgedies?

Asked by Sloane2024 (1879points) September 11th, 2008

And if so, how are you doing so? I understand if you don’t feel like sharing, but if you do, I’m sure myself along with the rest of the collective would gladly observe a few moments of silence in order to respectively commemorate the loss of your loved one or acquaintance.

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As a firefighter I attend a ceramony each year for the 343 firefighters who died trying to help others.

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A guy who used to live in my co-op, a “laundry room buddy” if you will, had just left the Fire Department to become an EMT only some two weeks before he was called to respond to 9/11. He left a wife and son and just moments ago I saw the son at the service at Ground Zero, speaking his father’s name at the podium. When I last saw the boy he was very little. Now he must be in his early teens.

I, too, attend an annual ceremony.

Remember the heroes.

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I have the towers tattooed on my leg. I remember every day.

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Mark Bingham. He started the rugby team which is my family-of-friends of whom I mourn with today.

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I remember it like it just happened yesterday. I didn’t lose a loved one but I feel empathy for all who did. I also commemerate the guide dog who got his human out of the second tower safely amidst all the chaos because I have a friend who works for Guide Dogs.

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God bless all who were lost.

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The guy I was dating at the time lost his uncle in the 9–11 attacks. I remember going to the ceremony with him. He was buried (no actual body, just an empty casket) back east, but the family out here (in California) had a small ceremony in honor of him.

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Wow. I wish those poeple who caused all that pain could read this. We are all human beings. We all have some form of family. It was so wrong.

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Today is my dad’s birthday

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I didn’t lose a loved one, but my heart goes out to all the families that did. Even though I don’t know anyone personally I keep them all in my prayers every year. Especially the babies on 9/11 who never got the chance to meet their father. We will never forget. We get stronger and stronger as each year passes.

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I saw a special on the History channel last night, a documentary of the events of 9/11 compiled from actual videos that people on the scene took and audios. Awesome.

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