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Do you cherish and even copy your grandma’s meatloaf recipe?

Asked by TJFKAJ (416points) 1 month ago

I do.
It’s almost better the next day on a sandwich.

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I use my mom’s. My husband loves it. I actually changed it slightly, but it is basically what she makes.

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I’ve got my own and I cook it on my BBQ grill at about 300* F until it hit s 165* F internal. Yes meatloaf is better the next day.

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No. But I do have three of her cookbooks, and I’m sure one or two of them have recipes from grandmothers, all good no doubt.
I take meatloaf that was cooked yesterday, or so, and put it under a lid in a fry pan with a little water and steam it until it’s hot, then apply the most exalted sauce, ketchup. (Or not…)
Bon appetite!

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No. I made up my own recipe. One of my grandmothers made great cookies; the other bought great cookies but I don’t remember either of them cooking for me.

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My Scottish grandmother made great cookies and other tea-time desserts, but otherwise her cooking was horrible. The one time I visited overnight she served me the most gawd awful “minced beef and onion” concoction and it was all I could do to keep from throwing up.

My Mexican grandmother never made us meatloaf. She made the best enchiladas on the whole world, why waste time on meatloaf?

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Mine’s pickles and other family recipe’s, we’re not big meatloaf fans in my family. Too heavy.

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I don’t know if my gramma ever made meatloaf. I only saw her once. She died when I was a kid.
My other gramma died before I was born.

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The only thing I remember eating that my grandmother cooked was scrambled eggs, and in hindsight, and with the experience of having made Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs, Oma’s eggs were cantine level at best.
My parents only ever made barely edible slop.

Besides, why be attached to questionable family recipes, when professional chef level recipes are freely available and easily accessible on the internet?

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@ragingloli, that video looks wonderful. How do you eat the eggs on the toast, though? Just fork them off of it, or cut through with a knife and take toast with every bite? I like fried eggs on toast but have never had scrambled that way, and I don’t think they’d work the same.

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I just spoon a mouthful on the edge, then take a bite.

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