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What kind of death bothers you the most?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26468points) 1 month ago from iPhone

In my case it might be the death of young people in their early 20s, killed in a war.

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Children and pets.

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Babies who are discarded like trash.
Animals left injured and alone like trash.
Older people not cared for properly or kindly.
Vets left in mental and physical deterioration due to combat and our broken systems.
Homeless people dying of cold.
People around the world dying of starvation in this day and age.

All death is tragic but the preventable ones really get to me.

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Urban shooting. Kids killing kids. Very bothersome.

War deaths are always tragic in the sense that the people who started the war never seem to to actually pick up a rifle and fight in it. It’s too bad that isn’t an accepted convention. But in most Western countries service is voluntary, so everybody understands the risk.

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Stupid deaths. Like the idiot who died last night my a motorcycle stuntman who was voluntarily trying to jump the length of a football field.

There are always ‘normal’ deaths from war, pestilence, disease, poverty, hunger, and even robbery, kidnapping, and so on. Those are – for better or worse – part of the ebb and flow of life.

It’s the stupid deaths that bother me.

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Long, drawn out deaths. If you’re gonna die, make it quick.
Also, deaths of people who weren’t wearing their seat belt!

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Deaths that are instant, that result from injuries that are impossible to treat, with no hope of survival.
You get stabbed in the stomach, shot in the lung, maybe even get your throat slit, but there is still that small chance, that with quick enough action and medical treatment, you will come out of it alive.
But you get shot in the head, get vaporised by an nuke, or splattered by a bomb, and it is over. There is nothing anyone can do to prevent your death.
The worst is probably being guillotined. Your head separates from your body, rolls around on the ground, and because your brain is still alive for a short time, you see your neck stump rythmically squirting blood, and all you can do is watch your final moments. You can not even scream anymore.
Actually that is kinda hot.

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Death by parent.

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Suicides. Tragic and unnecessary.

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Children and/or parents in needless civilian bombings or while seeking asylum.

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Members of endangered species (including plants), caused by human selfishness and carelessness.

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I can’t think of a kind that doesn’t, but suicides and stories of healthy young people who suddenly become very sick and die very quickly disturb me the most.

Anthony Bourdain’s death had me down for a week and he was a celebrity (meaning I’d never reacted that strongly to the death of someone I didn’t personally know, but there’s something about suicide that gets me).

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I knew someone (Norman) who was locked in a basement by someone who wanted to collect Norman’s disability benefits (he was mentally retarded). He was imprisoned for months, beaten regularly, and eventually died of starvation.
No one knew what was happening, and I find it as horrific as anything I can imagine.

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^Wow, that is horrible. That makes me sad.

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My husband’s.

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@anniereborn So sad for you! I saw an answer of his on here yesterday and it really hurt.

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@filmfann I could think of a very horrific death for the scumbags who did that.

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@Hawaii_Jake Thank you
@janbb He would be touched to know that, tho I am sorry it hurt so.

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Animal neglect

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The death of children.

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A preventable death that had someone helped could had changed everything to the positive.

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The death of really old people.

Imagine getting so much further than anyone else in defying entropy.

Struggling through gradual relentless decreptitude.

Clinging on to life year on year.

Seeing friends and relatives die before you and reminding you of what’s to come.

Your memories and experiences becoming a distant fog, and then you die.

80, 90, maybe over a 100 years of life, all vanishing into dust. So much time passing, and then gone in a blink of an eye—may as well have never been born at all.

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Nah that’s terrible @Kropotkin. The memories live on in your kids and family. Just make sure they’re good ones.

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@Dutchess_III That’s just reproducing the horror for future generations.

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I don’t think I’m leaving horror.

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@Dutchess_III Of course you don’t. It’s a thought too terrible for you to consider.

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Such a pleasant thread here. Along with some others of late. Think I’ll have some cyanide as a side with my dinner tonight. ; (

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@Demosthenes The suicides of Robin Williams and Bourdain bother me a lot. I’m a big fan of both.

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@mazingerz88 Agree. Mostly Robin Williams. Great comedian. As well as two friends of mine from back in the day. Although in the girls case, I always thought it was an unintentional drug OD, but her family always said otherwise. Still tragic though.

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^^I still wish to get accurate explanations as to why those two killed themselves but as far as I know no family or friend credible enough to be believed had given interviews. I just have personal assumptions that are all depressing to me.

@Kropotkin I think I do get you and carry most of the same sentiments.

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This thread is already quite long. I have just jumped around to a few posts.
@KNOWITALL, I notice all your list involved deaths which are preceded by suffering. I’m with you on that.

My grandmother feared dying alone, under circumstances that her remains would not be discovered right away. She did have family with her.

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^That happened with my best friend’s father. Her mom and dad were divorced and he lived alone. The neighbor found him because the neighbors dog kept going over to the house, no doubt because of the smell. They estimated he had been dead of a heart attack for a couple of weeks.

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So sad to see people die slowly from dementia. At some point they are especially dead but their bodies continue to function. Terrible.

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@gondwanalon That is one of my biggest fears.

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My wife left me in 1979, but that that loss was infinitesimal compared to the death of Disco later that year. ;-(

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Edit: but that that loss….

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Second edit: My ex-wife….

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Disco sucked!

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No shit! Mourning the passing of disco? Now I’ve seen everything!

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How can you not love this

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Suicides, and people killing others due to anger or drug addiction.

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WOO HOO- Disco lives! Or at least it was still alive 12 years ago. ;-p

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Who couldn’t love dancing to these guys?

Oops, I meant to do this.

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I think the death of Fr. Merrin in The Exorcist bothers me whenever it comes to mind. I wouldn’t even look at those steps when I pass them by.

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Someone trying to help others who winds up losing their life.

Children of course. Not only for the child, but for the parents and siblings. It’s unfathomable.

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^^The sad death of an 11 year old boy in the Philippines many years ago was more inspiring than troubling for me. He saved several people from drowning before he bought it. It was their traditional yearly Catholic procession done at the river.

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