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Do you ever go back to partys at the mansion to catch up on doling out "great answers" and "great question" to late comers?

Asked by kritiper (20703points) 1 month ago

Late comers don’t get much love… or consideration… poor souls…

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When they come in in my “Activity for You” which is almost always.

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I haven’t seen many since changing my profile, so rarely do any come up in my feed. If anybody would like to revive some, please do. Provide some links so we can all have a few trips back.
Jonesn4burgers left just shy of reaching the mansion. A lot of jellies have come, and many lost in the time since.

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Yes, I do.

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What does it mean to “go back to partys [sic] at the mansion”?

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By “to go back to partys” means to revisit the post and give lurve to those who came late, ones one might not/could not have given lurve to when they first went.

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Ok, thanks @kritiper . I’m still a little confused… wouldn’t people who came late have arrived when we were already here and already giving out lurve to newcomers?

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@Zaku, when a party happens, jellies post happy tidings, everybody gets lurved. Lurved flies every which way for a couple of days. The slow down lasts a week or two, and finally the party ends.

When new members join, all sorts of old questions pop up to them at first, and so it is possible they comment on a two year old party. If they feel curious, they could end up on something even older.

After my absence, my comeback tossed my new identity some old stuff with participation from the vampires.

I’m not going to dig for old parties, but if any come up in somebodies feed, they could post a link here, and I would go back for a look see.

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@Zaku One might think so but the additional lurve doesn’t (seem to) show up in the “Great Answer” and “Great Question” tallies.
And @Patty_Melt gets some “Great Answer” lurve from me for her answer!

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I didn’t even know there were parties, except the celebration posts here when someone reaches a new large round number of lurve.

@kritiper Huh, further mysteries of lurve.

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@Zaku I think that’s what he means. There aren’t other parties. I don’t understand the Q because if I’ve posted on a party and someone comments later, it comes up in my activity for you.

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There is no great mystery to lurve. I figure it’s a play on the word “love.” If you like someone’s question, you click on the “Great Question” and they get 1 “lurve” or a point, a score of one. If you like the answer a person gave, you give that “Great Answer” a click and they score a one lurve, or one point.
Love, love, lurve!
I call parties lurve fests because everyone gets a lot of lurve. The person who posted the question, gets tons. The first person to send congratulations gets tons of lurve. But those late comers don’t get all that much, hence my question.

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OH, you mean these threads, and you mean people who arrive late to the thread!

I think I finally understand. I thought you were talking about newcomers to Fluther itself…

The mystery in my last post though was replying to @kritiper ‘s suggestion that “the additional lurve doesn’t (seem to) show up in the “Great Answer” and “Great Question” tallies.”

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