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What goods' or services' prices dropped/increased the most over time?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19107points) 1 month ago

Like post secondary school for the most risen, and internet the lowest?

Please add to the list. Include social commentary, and humor if you want.

Also include what hasn’t changed over time?

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When I first started driving, a gallon of gas, and a pack of smokes were the same price. They stayed like that for quite some time, until an insane tax amount was put on tobacco, supposedly to deter kids from starting. Pffft kids are the ones with money and no concept of financial restraint.
Since then, gas prices have jumped and waned.

Plain stick ball point pens have pretty much remained dirt cheap.

A plain pair of jeans has gone up in the last forty years from $5 to $10 back then, to $30 and up.

A dime bag of marijuana when in a standard ziploc baggie, could be rolled up, and look fatter than a good cigar. Now, a dime is one toke, I mean, there is no such thing. The old amount would now go for three hundred, and even so be only ditchweed.
To get a buzz these days, I would have to give up a month’s groceries! And of course that isn’t feasible, because with a good buzz, extra munchies are needed, not less. Fortunately I’m old and disabled, so now my doctor hooks me up with legal stuff. :-D

A shot used to be a buck, last I heard it was seven.

Twenty years ago, you could go out Fourth Street in Reno and get a bj for $10. I think they are $15 now. That isn’t much of an increase.

Half a century ago, water was free, because we got it from a well down to a spring on our property. Now it is a dollar a gallon, or two dollars a litre, depending on whether you want to carry it around with you.

Normal sized candy bars went from a nickel to a dime during my childhood. Now they are a dollar.

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Memory is dirt cheap.

When my son got his first digital camera and we gave him a 256 mb SD card, it cost $60. Now you can get a 256 Gigabyte SD card for $20.

A laptop in 1997 cost close to $3,000, was slow, connected via dial up AOL 56kb connection. And it weighed almost ten pounds and was not very portable. Now you can get a tablet PC for under $200.

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Just a couple of memories. When I was a kid gas was a quarter (you could find it less than $.20 if you found a gas war raging), Cigarettes were a quarter from the vending machine. When I was in the Navy we used to frequent the Rosewood bar in Philadelphia, a draft beer was ten cents. You could throw a dollar on the bar and drink all night. My first apartment cost $15/month (I had to let it go because I couldn’t afford it). I remember wanting one of those new fangled battery calculators but who could afford $800, so I stuck with my Slide Rule.

I can’t think of anything that hasn’t changed but maybe that’s because I’m old and senile.

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Pharmaceuticals and medical care individuals, doctors.

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Asbestos insulation and other things that went from something you pay to install, to something you pay to remove to avoid major health effects.

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We used to talk about “spending a penny” when we had to use public toilets. That was in “old money” before decimalisation and an old penny was worth less than half a new penny. A couple of years ago I was asked to pay 50 pence to use a toilet in London which represents a one-hundred-fold increase.

On the other hand my first computer had 250 Mb of memory and my latest 250Gb which is 1,000 times better value as the price tag was the same for each.

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@Jaxk, OMGosh, $25 rent? I can’t get my brain around that.

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@Patty_Melt – I’m not sure you could really call it an apartment. It was smaller than a studio, the bedroom was the exact size of a double bed. you could not enter or stand next to the bed since there was no floor space. The kitchen was a sink, no stove or fridge and the bathroom was next door. Nonetheless, it was mine.

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