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Happy Solstice! Would you like to tell us why you love summer?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (11639points) 1 month ago

I can never get enough of long days, warm nights, and bright sunshine. How about you?

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The ONLY good is that days are longer. Where I live – the south – summer brings relentless heat and horrible humidity.

In Atlanta, we have three great seasons and one horrible one. Guess which one summer is.

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I like daylight to last as long as possible. I’m all for the US switching to permanent daylight savings time. Summer is best in the northern states.The Southern states have some drawbacks, but I still enjoy summer anyway and the long days.

A few negatives: in Florida where I live the evening festivities begin at 5:00, and it’s just too hot at 5:00 to be out for a few more hours dancing. We just arrive later, around 6:30 or 7:00 in the summer. We also have summer storms. They haven’t ramped up to a daily event yet, that’s late July through early September. Hurricane Season.

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The sun’s up til nearly 9. They were the best days of my youth, when I didn’t give a shit how hot it got. Swimming, no school, soft serve ice cream, lemonade and kool aid by the gallon.

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Family gathering’s, cool nights & mornings, more ‘sun’ energy to accomplish tasks and get projects done, long walks in the dappled evening light with the dogs.

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I hate summer.
It gets too hot, the days are too long, insects are a plague, and I have to run my portable AC all day.

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You never leave the crypt in the daylight Loli?

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I’d love to. But I hate summer…

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I used to love summer. I just can’t handle the heat any more. I like to pass out just walking across the street.
How managed to play beach volleyball in 100⁰ + leaves me gob smacked.

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People have nostalgic feelings for summer, because they remember summer vacations, freedom from school, and frolicking around at the beach or the pool with all that free time.

But you have no free time now. You smoulder all day inside, trying to make a living.

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That’s exactly it loli. Those Chicago or Omaha Summers or Winters would be a death sentence for me today. Back then I didn’t give a shit about the weather. It never occurred to me that I didn’t have to tolerate it. The temperature here is now 64 degrees farenheit. In a week, the fog will be in and you can wear an overcoat by the 4th of July.

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You have no idea how gutted I was that there no longer were midday naps in primary school.

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I love summer when I can go out cycling in shorts and T shirt.

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I love insanely violent thunderstorms, the calling card of a hot, humid summer. About a half hour ago, the sunny day turned dark, and strong winds developed. I’m sitting here, safely indoors, waiting for nature to put on a big show

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I like to visit Stonehenge & use them as football goals.

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It beats winter. I have never been fan of cold temps. About all I can say.

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Everything’s green.

There are flowers in bloom everywhere, including all around my home.

Every evening, the lawn outside my home is decorated by fireflies.

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Let’s see…I hate the humidity that comes with Summer. When I lived on the coast in Central California (near Solvang) I didn’t get hot and miserable until it hit 90–95. Perfect weather, almost always a breeze. The South majorly sucked as far as humidity, Houston, too. Vermont got hot and humid, for not for a long period. Florida? fuggedaboudit! Did that for 8 years. Now I’m in what they apparently call the “Plain’s States”, not the “Midwest”, and it’s not terrible, certainly not as bad as TX, FL, TN, or NC.

I like pretty much everything else about Summer – it’s green, light into the evening, flowers, smells (grass! cut hay, chlorine pools), swimming, get-togethers, watermelon!, fireworks, strawberry shortcake, root beer floats, grilled/bbq food and more.

Thanks for the question! It made me really think about Summer, which I previously thought I didn’t like.

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@smudges I don’t know what Plains state you are in, but Topeka record breaking highs are up around 110! Maybe higher. Florida is probably 100 at the most. The thing about Florida is we are hot at night for three months, so day and night are hot, no break, can be 90’s and then 80’s at night. Most people are used to a break at night in the northern parts of the country. Maybe you are in SD, and the Kansas example doesn’t really apply.

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I love the flowers, I love the longer days, I love not having to bundle up with socks and a scarf and a heavy jacket when I go out. What I don’t love is high humidity. When there’s shade, in the evening, with a cool breeze, I love it. When I can take a vacation or see family and friends and enjoy sitting outside for dinner, I love it.

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I don’t mind a little humidity, I’m so dry naturally that some humidity is probably good for me. Plus, I hate static cling, static in my hair, and static shocks. Very little of that in Florida, and very little of that anywhere in the summer months.

@jca2 I like being able to eat outside also. I used to dislike it, but in Florida we are screened in or serious pest control is used. I love the screened in bubbles we have.

Some other places it’s a ridiculous battle against flies, bees, or mosquitoes. Also, when it’s breezy it’s annoying, and Florida tends to be fairly still.

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