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Does it annoy you to see little kids in commercials for their parents businesses?

Asked by chyna (46505points) 1 month ago from iPhone

There are at least 3 different local businesses around here that have their children in the commercial to promote the family business. One is a lawyer, one a car dealership and another is a car repair place. The kids are only about 3 or 4 years old and I can’t understand what they are saying. I know parents find their kids cute, but not everyone thinks they are. Do these commercials annoy you, or do you just ignore them?

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I have a general hatred of children, so their presence annoys me in any context.
Maybe I should become a teacher.

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I ignore just about all advertising, so I don’t notice the owners’ offspring or mich of anything else.

Now that you raise the question, though, it makes me wonder if the kids are in any danger of kidnapping or worse, by being featured on the commercials.

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Yes, somewhat as it shows that some will do almost anything to exploit their children.
I find that it places too much pressure on children to gain approval ( treats) from their parents.
( much like a trained dog get treats/rewards for a trick.

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When I first read your main question I was thinking it might annoy people that children are basically coerced to participate or used by their parents. Initially, I hadn’t thought about just watching the children in the commercial might be annoying.

Some kids probably love being in the commercials and some probably hate it.

I find it mildly annoying. Car dealer and lawyer commercials are very annoying already.

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Like @Inspired_2write, I hate the exploitation factor.

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I generally love kids, so their presence doesn’t annoy me, but I do think sometimes they are getting used by their parents to sell XYZ — which is exploitative.

Then I remember that I come from a family business of florists and was bundling flowers at age 12 for no money (well, they pad me on cookies). Was I exploited?

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You’re describing a long-term, tried-and-true tax loophole for small business owners. People use their children in print ads and TV commercials, so that they can put the kids on the payroll, claim deductions for the wages, and shift income to the children. Yes, this scheme is perfectly legal. Yes, my professional often makes me cynical.

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Pretty much every parent exploits their kids for their own benefit in this manner on social media. I struggle to see a real difference in using a TV spot instead.

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It annoys me.

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While I understand the ‘family values’ appeal, personally I’m not swayed by emotion and cute tiny faces in my decision-making process, so it’s lost on me.

Annoy me, no. Does it work well for some, yes.

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I can’t say that I’ve seen it very much but I don’t think it would annoy me. I see it more in political ads where candidates are highlighting their “family values.”

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I don’t care, so I guess I’d say it doesn’t annoy me. It definitely doesn’t sway me to buy the products.

I figure part of why the parents do it is they feel it’s good for the kids to learn public speaking, speaking on camera, play-acting, etc.

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Supposedly, the presence of children and/or dogs makes a commercial more effective. I have nothing against having them in commercials. I ignore commercials as much as possible.

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OMG, I detest how parents do this to their children!!!

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