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Is it okay to be benefit driven?

Asked by uhuhquestions (7points) 1 month ago

Everything, from ‘favours’ to ‘being nice’, do I pursue every benefit no matter how small? Like an ant will eat bread all the way to body parts, food is food like money is money.

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I don’t fully understand your question. If by benefits you mean money, then my opinion is no, you should not be driven by love of money over all other returns. There are more important things in life than money in the bank. The sincere, genuine love of a good partner is invaluable. Throwing a ball for a dog to chase can often bring more joy than closing a big business deal. Greed will most often lead to unhappiness instead of contentment.

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It is OK, yes.
After all, everything we do, even the most “self less” action, has a component of self interest to it, even if it is just a feeling of righteousness.
Help a grandma across the street, with no material reward, you still get the good feeling of “I helped someone today, am I not a great person”?
Throw yourself on a grenade, you still get to think, even if just for a split second, what a damn hero you are.

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As long as you don’t lie to yourself concerning your motivations.

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This is what’s known as living in a transactional way – generally frowned upon as being too mercenary and not humane.

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You mean for (dirty, stinking, rotten) cash money?? Yes.

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When its reciprocal and not exploitive and agreeable within that relationship and only then is it accepted for both parties involved.

Question then becomes what happens after the giving stops by either party?

Or when one gives more than the other…not rally an equitable relationship nor built on loving each other and working as a team or mariage.

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