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What Red Bandit has stolen his way into the Mansion with 30K?

Asked by janbb (58690points) 1 month ago

Mazel Tov to elbanditoroso for this marvelous achievement (or do we need to “stop the steal?”) However you got here, yay for you!

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Bandito Roso ! !

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Great googlie wooglie! WTG! Congo rats on this! Remember, this shows you are appreciated here!

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30Kongrats, @ElbowAndTorso! ;-)

On a less frivolous note, please ensure that you aren’t part of the GA 100K voter purge.

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Wow 30K! Congratulations! Another party in the mansion to celebrate a very momentous occasion! You deserve the accolades and I’m glad you are a long standing member here.

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Congratulations, Bandito!

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Woohoo! So many parties this month. Congratulations!

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Fantastic achievement! Congratulations, dude!

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Here’s to the hardest posting bandit this site will ever see.

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Congrats man! Another old long timer rises to the next floor! I’m bringing the band!

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30K makes you Fluther royalty! Thank you for being such an important member of our little community.

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Congrats, I don’t think we’ve ever fought, now THAT’S an achievement. :D

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Wowza! Congrats on the well deserved 30k. Thanks for being here! You brighten my day.

I must tell you something a little embarrassing that demonstrates my attention to detail…
For way longer than I care to admit, I thought your name was “Elbow and torso.” I never could figure it out. Please don’t tell anyone. :-)

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30Kongratulations @elbanditoroso Now the furniture is nailed to the floor you are welcome to the mansion.

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Holy cannolis!! That is amazing! Fabulous work.

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Congratulations and well done! Enjoy the party!

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Wow! 30K! Congrats bandito!

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Late like always, but congrats anyway.

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No more protesting the establishment. Now you are the establishment. Congrats.

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