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Do you flush, if all you did was pee?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2324points) 1 month ago

If all I did is pee, usually I don’t flush, unless the water gets too yellow or I have a guest over. It seems wasteful of water otherwise, in my opinion. It seems there are quite a few that do this too, but was wondering your thoughts here?

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Sometimes. It does save water.

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Yes, otherwise it creates hard to clean calcified urine deposites.

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I have to get up at night to pee several times. Don’t want to flush mainly not to make noise that will wake my wife.
We live in the PNW so there’s never a water shortage but we are conditioned to save water from living in SF (“If it’s brown, flush it down. If it’s yellow, let it mellow”). So we continue to let it mellow.

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Yes. I pay $30 a month for water no matter how much I use. If there was a shortage, I’d pee in the bathroom sink and rinse with a bit of water, a lot less than a full flush with my old toilet.

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Yes, I do use toilet paper after I pee. I tend to use way more than I should probably. I don’t want that clogging things up.

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Yes, I’m a serial-flusher. I don’t like to leave anything in the toilet—grosses me out.

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I do.
1. Urine has a strong odor.
2. It can build up and create a ring in the toilet bowl.
3. It looks horrible and gross.
4. A bathroom can never be too clean.

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Yes. I don’t like the “ripe unflushed pee” smell.

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I grew up on a well, so we were conditioned not to flush any paper products and use the same rhyme as @gondwanalon.
But I’m in the suburbs now, and we have seperate bathrooms, so what goes on in the other one is not my business. Mine is always clean and smells lovely. haha!

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We have staff for that!

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I recall a few water shortages in CA, when we would let it mellow if yellow – but we did that because we had a water shortage!

I had conversations with some civil engineers at the time who mentioned that in the long range it’s a problem because the sewerage systems were designed with assumptions of how much water was added to human waste in the system.
– Reduced water content can cause blockages where there is not enough fluid to move everything along.
– Higher concentrations of ureic acid (from urine) can cause erosion of concrete that was designed to deal with more normal acid/water ratios.

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Luckily I have one of those low-flow toilets, so yes, but I would even if I didn’t.

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