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Why am I not getting any money?

Asked by randolphpa (5points) 1 month ago

Good day!
The essence of my problem is that I registered at this Ruby Fortune casino on May 16, 2021, made five deposits that evening, 70 EUR, 200 EUR, 200 EUR, 300 EUR, 500 EUR through a bank card (Visa payment system), with a very not frail commission of 1.5–2% from each deposit.
During the game, from the last deposit I raised to just 1300 EUR, after a certain amount of time, I decided to pause and withdraw 800 EUR, and then the most interesting thing began.
When trying to withdraw funds using the same method that I used to make a deposit, I ran into a problem. The problem was that the maximum amount of a withdrawal request is just 400 EUR at a time, but the number of applications is not limited! Not convenient, but bearable.
But the next day the money did not come, and they also began to inform me in all instances (chat, support in the mail and personal manager in telegrams) that these are features of the payment system, that a one-time transaction cannot be more than 300 EUR, that is, yesterday it was a technical problem, but today there is already a rule! while deposits, as I stated above, flew with a whistle, in the same payment system !!!
Yesterday I made another 4 applications, but they are doomed to pay only one application, it turns out this is just an artificial understatement of the limit, in order to detain a large amount of money from a new player and so that this money would be safely lost in this “wonderful” casino!!!
How can I get the rest of my money back?? Help, well, it’s not to the police to write applications to me, who faced such lawlessness? Feel cheated or third-rate.
All I want is to get somehow my own money back that of course I was really stupid to deposit into Ruby Fortune Casino.

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Consider it a life lesson. If you give money to a casino, don’t expect to get any back (I don’t think it matters what they “told” you). Where I live, organized crime is usually involved in a casino.

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A quick google search says it may take up to five days to make a withdrawal from Ruby Casino.

US citizens are not even accepted, which means protections for online gamblers are probably weak.

Any on line casino that is replicating a casino game is rigged, because it is a program, not an actual physical deck of cards or a physical roulette wheel.

Next time it is cheaper and quicker to just venmo your cash to people on Fluther We won’t give it back either, but we will send you lurve..

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From you post “feel cheated or third-rate.” Yes, an expensive lesson for you.

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