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Why is Joe Biden whispering?

Asked by jca2 (12210points) June 26th, 2021

I first learned about this on the Colbert show. Joe Biden was doing this bizarre thing whispering at a press conference.

I like Joe Biden for a variety of reasons, but has he lost his mind?

A quick google search found lots of talk about it on the internet, in case you haven’t seen it. I tried to find a link that wasn’t too right-leaning, so take a look at this one:

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Maybe that is just how he reacts to what he perceives as dumb questions that have obvious answers.

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I took it to be a deliberate attempt at parody. It was a comedy routine. A bigwig comments loudly on a topical matter. Then a (wise) aid or advisor whispers the obvious and sensible resolution.

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yep… I may not be able to do satire here, but I know when I see it. (mods…... are you going to delete me?)

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The bloke is barely coherent at the best of times.
Dead from the neck up!

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For emphasis.

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