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Women DON'T like men that they can control. And they DO like men that they CAN'T control?

Asked by PredatorGanazX (222points) September 11th, 2008

Views anyone… is this what really happens ?

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Pretty much, yea. Actually I don’t many people want total “control” over their mate. But any guy that’s being “controlled” by his woman isn’t much of a man.

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So women prefer to be control instead… ?

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Why on earth would you assume either party should or would be controlled? In most modern relationships each person is in control of only themselves, and that is as is should be.

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Who will have the last say, being possessive… that will the reason.

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I LOVE men that I can control and I definitely don’t want to be controlled.

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I don’t want a doormat and don’t want to be controlled either. Some women like more control than others.

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Thats mutual if I may say Emilyrose.. :-)

And Sands thats so straight forward ..

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Men like to think they are in control. Most woman know that if they act like the man is, they still get us to do what they want.

It has something to do with cavemen psychology where a man takes every opportunity to prove his masculinity.

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Do you like people who just put themselves at your disposal and expect you to make all the decisions?
Do you like people who never let you have a say in things?
No, didn’t think so….

I think any good match is just that – a match. You both have to be individuals and bring something to the relationship. It’s not a master/servant situation, it’s two equals coming together and because you care about each other and have common interests – or just interest in each other – you will take turns at making decisions, suggestions, etc.

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@wildflower: please, I’m begging you, just tell me what to do! Please? Please? You are my goddess. I trust you implicitly. You have my complete adoration. I don’t what I’d be without you. So please, please, just once, tell me what to do!

[there, I thought I carried that off pretty well—wonder how she’ll reply. Ooops. Did I think that aloud? Perhaps I’m going a little overboard on the sarcastifying.]

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[applauds the sarcastification, rolls eyes and walks off]

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For any relationship to flourish both sides need to give and take. Nobody likes to be controlled constantly even if they appear to enjoy it. Usually when a person feels that they are not being treated in the best way they rebel in some kind of way. My wife and I have different skills and different personalities. I knew this when I married her. She is good at financing so she balances our check book. I am handy with a hammer so I do all the repairs in the house. I learned from my mother to stay at least one hundred yards away from the kitchen when dinner is being prepared and very rarely do I try to influence what meal she intends to cook. These are little things but it keeps are home in some type of order.

Now if I was around someone who tried to control what I thought or go counter to my moral beliefs or tell me what I should or shouldn’t do I would walk away from that person in a heartbeat.

Barbara de Angelisne says no one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.

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Um, I want my partner and I to be partners. That means neither of us should be “in control”.

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The question is a flawed premise, because it generalizes that all women want the same thing. They don’t, just as men don’t.

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