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Are you getting an early Summer heat wave, similar to the one we are experiencing here in Western Canada?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20425points) 2 months ago

We are smashing all time records for heat.
Was 47c in our town today, a town an hour and a half south saw 50c , in case you didn’t know 50c is very close to 130f.

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Hell to the no. But I know it’s coming.

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Not in Florida. It’s hot here, but fairly typical and not above 100 like some parts of the country. We have been in the 80’s (30 C) Florida is pretty much never over 100, which is what I always tell people when they say they could never live in Florida because it’s so hot.

It gets hot in late summer (90’s F or 33 C) but if you were in Florida pretty much everywhere indoors would be cool and comfortable.

A lot of the stores and homes north of the 42nd parallel aren’t air conditioned or have space air conditioning that doesn’t work very well.

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Yes. Boston has been HOT and humid. I hate it SO much. This week is our third heat wave since May. It was 99°F today with a heat index of 106°F.

My absolute least favorite kind of weather. Ugh-and-half.

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@cookieman Do you have AC in your house?

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We had a heat wave in Milwaukee early in June. Days of 90 F (32 C).

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@JLeslie: We have window air conditioners. They do a pretty good job, but do not cool the entire house. There are hot zones on each floor.

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We had an uncomfortable few days a week or so ago, going into the high nineties and over 100. It didn’t last long, though. Right now It’s very pleasant here in the South Bay, days in the 80s and nights in the 60s or a little less.

But last year we had the fires, the orange skies, the unbreathable air, the closed windows, and the stifling heat. And the fear. I’m worried about this year, since drought conditions are already upon us. It’s plain that much worse is to come. Canada, though! That is extremely unsettling. It’s just all wrong.

Back when I moved here, in the 1970s, we really didn’t need air conditioning at all because only a few days in a year would warrant it. Letting cool air in at night and keeping it in during the daytime was enough to maintain a comfortable balance. Now—it’s all wild cards and new territory.

I continue to be absolutely appalled that anyone can deny this is happening. That some people think politics trumps the weather.

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We get very warm weather each Summer we can see low to mid 30c for a few weeks but we aint ever seen heat like this.

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While Jeruba suffered those hundred degree days, the hight at our airport was 83 & 74 at my house. I think our warmest weather in the city itself comes in September. And I believe the high today was 66. But the weather will be scorching in the interior of the state any day now and our foggy season underway. By the 4th of July the yearly debate will be underway regarding whether there will be a break in the fog long enough to view the fireworks, and people will be on rooftops in heavy sweaters sipping cocoa to await the show.

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Yep. Massachusetts here. 95+ degrees and 10000% humidity. Still 2 more days* of this. We don’t have air conditioning.

* Plus a lifetime of increasing frequency.

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NY Metro area – high 90’s Monday, Tuesday and again today, Wednesday. It’s hot and fairly humid.

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Clarks Town, Jamaica is sometimes cooler than Saskatchewan Canada nowadays— Since I’ve been using the Weather Ap, I’ve noticed a lot of irregularities in the weather.

I look at these weather patterns very often now. I used to want to move to someplace cooler, but only the Atlantic provinces seem to have pleasant summers.

I am in my fifties now—and thought that if I were ever able to manage a move to the Maritime provinces, the winters might be too cold. But Memphis was much colder in February than I’d ever seen in the Maritime provinces.

Nonetheless, I hate Summer. And always have. I think we have the worst in Memphis, but at least we’re used to it.

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@Yellowdog Summers in the middle of the country are brutal in my opinion. Memphis is often hotter than Florida. The freezing weather this past winter was unbelievable. I had a friend in the Memphis area feeding birds (might have been geese or ducks, she lives on a lake) and letting them huddle in a container so they could warm up a little. She was so worried they were going to die.

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I went to Williamsburg VA two years ago in the summer and it was so, so oppressively hot. I had been there prior in December, and it was gorgeous. After the summer trip, I decided that never again would I go down south in the summer if I could avoid it. I told myself to remember this trip, and how hot it was. I’d try to limit future trips down south to Fall/Winter/Spring.

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@jca2 Smart. One of these days maybe you’ll be a snowbird.

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Eastern Canada, Scandinavia, and Bavaria / Salzburg are pleasantly cool and temperate, but I wouldn’t want to travel anywhere else in the summer.

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link to DIY air conditioner using a fan and a bucket of ice un

Might have to try this to cool down more.

I have ceiling fan on plus floor stand fan going 24 hours. Early this morning like 6 Am I opened the windows to fresh a cool air which only last until 10 am. ( no AC in our building)

38C ( 100.4 F) expected again today while my older brother on the West coast of Canada got

100 F and ended up in a air conditioned Bar to cool down, today he plans on going to the air

conditioned Mall of which I didn’t know that they were opened as yet.
But today everything is opened.
Walked downtown ( two blocks ) and literally burned my face like a lobster!

Today it turned to tan. ( i usually tan easily).

Most people are out and about today hitting the trails and going to lakes and beaches to cool off, however most are riding bikes , and that would make it more excruciating!

For those that have pets remember that pets sweat though there feet and riding your bike with the dog in tow on that host asphalt will burn the pads on the feet. keep them home with fresh water and cool place instead of taking them on the trails or elsewhere during this heat wave.

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Central Texas here, not far from Austin. Usually an oven this time of year. Been abnormally cool so far. Its 85 F now, which is nothing for this area. Usually we’re topping 100 F this time of the year, and it gets increasingly hotter as summer wears on.

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Honestly, no. This is a very average summer heat in Atlanta, GA. Highs in the upper 80s, occasionally hitting 90, and tons of humidity. Lows around 70.

This is totally normal for Georgia.

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@Inspired_2write There are a lot of devices commercially available for around forty dollars, such as a device called “Arctic Air” which I got from Walmart—which utilize the same principal

Unless you live in a very dry, arid place, it really doesn’t work. Where the fan blows the air may be a degree or two cooler. But it has no coolant properties in itself other than melting ice.

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