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Do you use Twitter in your life? How?

Asked by jeremysallen (2points) September 11th, 2008
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yes. for wasting my time ^__^ when im bored i tweet. when im about to eat something, i tweet. :| etc.

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I keep track of my sleep patterns, make note of things I want to blog about later, and save titles of books/songs/TV shows/movies I want to check out.

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I use it to mark moments in my life. Then I can look back at my tweets and remember those small, but important moments I recorded.

I also use it to learn about technology, since I follow a bunch of techy people. Twitter introduced me to fluther. I also follow other artists, teachers and bakers, who can be inspirational.

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To blog a bit every day and post back and forth with a really good friend. She’s the only one who reads my twitter stream and I’m the only one reading hers. It’s like having a chat session that’s on going. Almost like texting, but free.

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I think it’s fun to try to condense an observation or realization into 140 characters. The more complicated, the more fun. I think of it as a little brain teaser game.

And there are some people that tweet funny and/or insightful stuff, and I enjoy checking up on their tweets every once in a while.

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I use it to stay up to date with friends now that we all went away to college

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