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What name is best suited for an outdoor activities site?

Asked by weiliz (15points) July 7th, 2021

2.Re create inc
3.Funky Camping
5.OCG (outdoor camping gear)

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Of the choices given, I like Re Create.

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Re Create sounds ok, but only 3 meanings come to mind, and only one of them is about recreation.

OCG sounds ok but apparently it stands for gear, not activities.

Funky Camping sounds ok, but it promises to be funky. In some sense. Hopefully not the funky smell of people, clothes and gear after a bunch of camping. And, is the site about activities besides camping.

I dislike Camp’in and Campking because they seem illiterate/annoying to me.

I’d say the best name would clearly communicate what the actual content and scope of the site is, and perhaps ads a little bit of flavor to that (but not so much flavor it distracts). And I don’t really know what the content and scope of the site will be.

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The choices offered don’t communicate “outdoor activities site”. They are all focused on camping gear, which is only a subset of outdoor activities.

I would go with something that communicates a diversity of activity. Something like “Park’n’Rec”.

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How about… “Into the Wild”

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^^^^ @cookieman That would be great, especially for those who go camping in an old bus!

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Miscellaneous Park.

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#4 Campking, only one letter changes, but it still sounds like camping; not just any camp but the king of camps! Love it.

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I’ll go with Camp’ in. Three of those names sound like retail outlets for camping gear, and Funky Camping sounds like you’re going to sit around and get stoned, then look for Big Foot with some woman named Star Child Girl.

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@zenvello: ,,,while listening to Eddie Veddar music.

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