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Are you seeing a lot of white butterflies?

Asked by LostInParadise (29150points) July 7th, 2021

That is about all I am seeing. I have not seen one monarch. I mean no offense to white butterflies, but it would be nice to have some color. The only other color pattern is a pretty black and blue, which would be nice to have more of.

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Haven’t seen any at all.

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Depends on where you are. I’ve seen several monarchs in the last week or two in Georgia, plus a handful of ‘other’.

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We could do an exchange program. I’ve seen many butterflies, and don’t remember white ones this year.

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I saw a lot of little white ones early in spring, when we still had cold spells. I thought they would have very short lives.

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Small white butterflies fluttering about your yard? It means you have bugs in your lawn and it needs to be sprayed.

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I also saw white butterflies near the county park. Do they have to be sprayed?

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