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Is there anyway to stop files copying into the iTunes folder on my iMac when I add them to iTunes?

Asked by joeysefika (3093points) September 12th, 2008

I have a bunch of movies that i want to add to iTunes so I can access them on Front Row. But they’re on an external HD. My iMac’s HD is not large enough to hold them all when I add them to iTunes. Can i make iTunes read off the external HD rather than copying them to the iTunes folder.

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Press Apple + , (comma) to access iTunes Preferences window.

Click the ‘Advanced’ tab.

Untick ‘Copy Files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library’.

This will let you store music and video on any volume attached to the iMac, whilst still being able to access it from the same iTunes Library.

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Ah cheers worked perfectly, thanks a bunch!

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Even better, you can temporarily override the “Copy to iTunes folder” preference by holding down the option key and then drag your files into iTunes.

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