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Do left handed people feel odd shaking hands with their right?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) July 11th, 2021 from iPhone

If I meet someone left handed would it make sense for both parties to shake with their dominant hand?

How’s this work? I’m sure all along I’ve just shook hands with lefties, and they simply used their right hand.

If so, they must sometimes meet lefties too and then maybe these two lefties shake with their non-dominant hand. A double awkwardness.

I bet there’s some who have experiences with this…

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I’m left handed. I never noticed a problem using my right hand.

~ It is actually better for me since I can secretly have my left hand on my concealed firearm or sword in case things go awry.

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I usually adjust to accomodate those with a right handed deficiency.

But this question could be mistaken as political. So shaking hands with lefties may be controversial.

Maybe we should all just wave…

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My mom is a lefty. Lefties always shake with their right, so they get accustomed to it. I don’t think it is odd for most of them. It’s not odd for my mom.

A lot of lefties I know use their right for certain things. My mom uses scissors with her right (I’m not sure if that was natural or just adjusting to rights scissors being more available growing up). She also stirs with her right when she is cooking.

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I am left-handed and it’s not awkward to shake right-handed. I have never tried to shake hands left-handed, but I would guess it would feel odd.

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My son is left-handed and he doesn’t have a problem with it. My granddaughter is mostly a lefty but can use her right hand for a lot of different things. I’m sure she has no problem shaking hands.

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I’ve never felt awkward about shaking hands. It can be a challenge, however, to use items designed for the right hand—scissors, screws, manual transmissions, computer mouses,cursive handwriting, etc.

I was once using someone’s pinking shears, which are heavy and clumsy, to cut fabric. That was a difficult effort. The person couldn’t understand why I was having such a struggle and moving so slowly; then, she said, “Oh! You’re left-handed!”

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I use my left side for fine hand motions and right side for strong arm motions, so shaking hands with the right feels quite natural to me.

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