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What's biting me?

Asked by zina (1653points) August 4th, 2007

I got one bite, then a few days later a second. Then a third. Finally after a month I have about 10. They're the size and shape and color of mosquito bites, except they have a little hole at the top that sometimes leaks a little clear fluid. Eventually it becomes a little scab, and it takes about 2 weeks for the bite to disappear. They only occasionally itch. They're on soft tissue (chest, stomach, bum, thigh, behind the knee). They started right when I moved to a new place. I notice that there are a lot of little spiders outside, but it seems hard to believe since the bits aren't around my arms, feet, etc. There's a cat so a possibility of flees? Bed bugs? The bites aren't in a string, they're just one by one, a new one every few days. Or could this be something else? Not bites at all??

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Can't be poison ivy, sumac or oak, which itch furiously.



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hard to say without seeing it. It could be spider. The hole makes it sound like it.

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These sound like flea bites to me. Having dogs all my life, I can relate.

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Definitely sounds like flea bites - our carpet had a flea infestation for a while, and the best way we found to get rid of it was flea bombs. Check out this previous question for ways to get rid of 'em:

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if you have fleas or think you may put out a jar lid with liquid dishsoap on your carpet at night when you wake it will have caught your fleas.

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maybe it is fleas, or chiggers. if the hole in the top is black and they seem to be around the waistline on your underwear and the ankleline on your socks, then it sounds like chiggers. If not, then maybe fleas. don’t know to much about fleas though.

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I hate to say this but on People’s Court a TV show. It turned out to be Bed Bugs.

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