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Is Blackberry really an addicting little gadget?

Asked by FrancisRude (225points) September 12th, 2008

I have one, personal, work and my better organizer. I must say, i spend alot of time on it. I use it to communicate, thanks to Jivetalk, push email, and full QWERTY keyboard.

I just want to know who and what do you use your Blackberry for. I like mine and yes i maybe addicted to it, but its the closest thing to basically keep me connected to everyone and everything.

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My dad is totally addicted to his. He doesn’t spend tons and tons of time on it (or, not more than he would any other cell/email device) but he seriously can’t go anywhere without it. He totally flips out at the suggestion that he should turn it off and insists that that is simply not possible.

I, however, am nothing like that with my iPhone. I can stop any time I want.

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Yeah but a big part of it is the push email-at the time of its early rise to popularity, it set itself apart from the pack as everyone who received “instant” alerts basically gets a jolt to their hip by the vibrator on the phone; the incessant and Pavlovian-like response of reaching for one’s hip to check every single message incoming gave rise to the term “Crackberry.”

Until I got my iPhone I it was that and everything else you describe. The iPhone has since eclipsed the usefulness and perception (IMO) of the Crackberry being an innovative device…especially due to the robustness of Mac OS X and innovation of the multitouch on iPhone.

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I see, i really like the amazing entertainment, and other features of the Iphone, I only had the previous Iphone for less than 24 hours so i really cant say much about it. Yes the multi touch is really cool.

As with my Blackberry, i guess my usage is probably why i prefer it. I constantly reply to great amount of emails everyday. Also the Blackberry Messenger contacting clients and friends, almost like a chat.

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I use my blackberry incessantly. It’s kinda sad. Ok so this is really how bad it is for me. I was in the middle of typing this, heard my curve go off and stopped typing to check on it. Jivetalk has definitely made my blackberry that much more addictive. The games for it are ok, but most suck. And the new 4.5 os makes reading your emails super sweet, plus video capabilities for the curve now, so since I upgraded I’ve spent much more time on it. Plus if you have viigo then you don’t even need to load up cnn, you’ve got your whole rss feed there. Plus with some of the new features – i can’t comment since the beta isn’t public yet – it makes finding jobs or airplane times or anything so much easier. Plus live scores, etc. etc. Yeah. It’s the functionality of it. If I had an iPhone though…. Forget about it. No one would ever see me, but they’d be able to talk to me! or even better. The HTC Dream…. Oh billy!

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For our honeymoon we chose a country where the Blackberry doesn’t work (Japan). ‘Nuff said.

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Yeah, i feel you Nimis. Sometimes, things get ruined because of the unwanted Blackberry. This brings me to the very funny Crackberry video on YouTube. hahaha

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Oh yesss.

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Despite that, i still love my Blackberry.

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Its the 1st thing i check in the morning and the last thing i check before i go to bed. My berry is in my hand alllllllll day! Im either checkin or composing an email, chatting with someone on blackberry messenger, AIM or google talk, or playing brickbreaker, surfing the web, listening to my music, watching a video or looking at pictures. And now to make thngs worse they are getting ready to release the 1st ever touchscreen berry…im really gonna have problems! Why is this not normal behavior?!?! ; )

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