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How can the search on "" be narrowed to search for all the male writers of mystery, thrillers, and suspense?

Asked by luigirovatti (2865points) July 17th, 2021

Are there some search operators I can use? This is very important for me, so any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance. For the record, I’m not racist, I have my own reasons for choosing this “feature”.

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I don’t think that Amazon has an author gender search. Although it is an intersting thought.

I can think of several categories where women write better fiction than men, and vice versa.

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I think you can search by keyword. Books have meta-data, but I think it tends to be publisher-supplied, and irregular, so you might be able to make a search that excludes “female author” but you’d also have to exclude “woman writer” and/or any other variations.

And, of course, women have been using male names to publish under to avoid sexism for a couple hundred years or more.

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@Zaku: How do you do it?

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Then try keywords…. but I tried “female author” and “female-author” and neither of them worked.

(Even with Mystery selected, they seem to really want to me to consider ”Texas Outlaw (A Texas Ranger Thriller)” by James Patterson… maybe they know something I don’t know, and James is actually a front for Jenny.)

I looked at some non-commercial book searches, and am not seeing any that seem to have much meta-data, and none with gender selection.

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I just tried a few iterations and I don’t think you can search by gender of author. I put in “thrillers male authors” and “thrillers male writers” and both pulled up female as well as male writers. I would just pull up a list of the genre you want and then manually weed out the female names. It’s not that hard. I would search by one genre at a time though.

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I love/hate Amazon…hate specifically due to their search function! I looked up a title of a book with the author and got pages, like 67, of results!

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Yeah Amazon really wants to sell you other things…

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@smudges Try putting the title in quotation marks and see if you get better results. It’s probably doing a search on the single words.

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@janbb I never would have thought of that! Thank you!! stupid search engine!

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@smudges Librarians rule!

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^Yes. Yes, they do!

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