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Do short people have to fight more in life then taller one?

Asked by ciripet (108points) September 12th, 2008

friend is 5,2 me 5,9

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I think some of them might want to, in an attempt to “prove” themselves to others, as if fighting somehow “levels the playing field” for them.

But, I’ve seen shorter people treated like blind people, in that even a town bully will refrain from picking on someone demonstrably shorter than he is, because he just might find himself attacked by an entire crowd.

I witnessed something similar to what I am describing, in a grocery store, once.

This big dude was slapping around his son, and the size differential was just too great, so a couple of wranglers came over to the bully father, knocked him down, and began jumping up and down on his esophagus.

I helped with that. I supplied the applause and cheering.

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5,2 is really short, but short guys just have a different type life with the taller one but dont mean they need to fight more.

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My wife is 4’ 10” (being generous), and I can see many ways that her stature has shaped her character. She’s not aggressive, by any means, but she certainly won’t back away from a confrontation. She often makes me shrink down in my car seat when she “discusses” driving techniques with other drivers, for example. Any situation in which she feels she’s been taken advantage of gets transformed in her mind into some “David and Goliath” thing and she becomes very emotionally invested.

But I can also see why she needs to be this way. It takes a certain amount of stridency to overcome the “cute” factor when she wants to be taken seriously.

If she had been a guy, I’m pretty sure she would be covered with scars.

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I’m pretty much exactly like Harp’s wife, only I am a bit aggressive. My boyfriend always calls me “tiny baby” because I’m 5 feet exactly, and he likes to tease me when I’m being stern or aggressive or whatever by saying “oooooh she’s a toughie!” because he thinks it’s so funny that something so feisty comes in such a little package.

…And it’s easier to buy pants.

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A tiny female can find it a lot easier to punch a male in his testicles, when he is making fun of her height, as a buddy of mine found out, several years ago.

To this day, he still sings soprano in his church choir.

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I’m only 5’2 and have never had a fight in my life with anyone male or female. But, I sure have given people a piece of my mind enough times in my life.

I didn’t get picked on much…but, I think that is because I had a big brother & sister, who fought my battles for me. Short people do get treated differently though, that I have noticed.

I guess if you are a guy it would be totally different.

I think most men just fight more in general, no matter what the size. Just a man thing I guess.

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