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Is there ever a cure for OPD?

Asked by janbb (59561points) July 19th, 2021

I’ve come across some really obnoxious people in real life and online lately and I wonder if they ever recognize it. Does pointing it out ever help them see it or is it wasted energy?

For those who don’t know, OPD was defined in the old TV show Designing Women as Obnoxious Personality Disorder. I know that personality disorders usually cannot be cured so it’s probably hopeless.

In this case, posting in Social and humor is more than welcome!

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I find people tend to calm down when they retire, so my cure is less work and less stress. No guarantee though.

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@JLeslie Interesting. Are you finding that in The Villages generally?

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@janbb I found that with my father for sure. I don’t know if I would have called him obnoxious, but he was angrier, much shorter temper, somewhat of a bully. That all was significantly reduced once he retired from his 9–5 job, and he liked his job. I think he was just spread too thin, more stress, less time to do thing he enjoyed most, and less sleep.

In The Villages most people are very patient, focused on enjoying life, and want to be helpful. New people are welcomed and people readily want to include them and help them find what will make them happy here. I don’t know how they were before they arrived in The Villages. There are still some bad eggs here of course, but overall people are easy going.

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Not if they’re a narcissist and convinced of their own superiority and enlightenment

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^^That’s true.

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OPD can’t be cured if the person in question doesn’t recognize, willingly, that they are cursed with it.

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A friend of mine had this. He was impossible to be around.
After we fell out of touch, he married, divorced, lost his job, and went into a deep depression. When I ran into him at a class reunion, he was nearly pleasant to be with. He had been severly humbled, and it changed him.

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I’ve hired a team of psychiatrists, astrologers, and angry nuns – But no improvement so far.

Thanks for asking though.

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@JLoon I’m glad to see you’re working on it! :-)

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“angry nuns”


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You need to dynamite their programming somehow. @filmfann Gave one common example of how this can be done: hitting rock-bottom and surviving and rebuilding can often do the trick.

So can effective programs designed to do similar things for people. People can snap out of their crap and discover the non-assholes inside themselves. It can take a lot of work, that their egos are often unwilling to do unless you can get around their programming in one way or another.

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If there is a survivable cure and it can be packaged, I’ll take a case and start passing them out.

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The cure is understanding and compassion for a person that had endured a harsh childhood and now responds in anger at the world.

I just got his on Facebook today which explains the possible reason for their actions.

“Both Narcissists and Empaths suffered from early childhood trauma.

EMPATHS took that pain and became more compassionate, not wanting others to suffer the same fate as they did.

NARCISSISTS got angry and decided to take their anger out on the world. Vowing to put themselves first.

EMPATHS were strong enough not to let trauma destroy their goodness, while

NARCISSISTS were too weak and let the trauma overcome them ”
‘Maria Consiglio” Quote from FB post.

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@Forever_Free That’s an interesting article but not sure how many of the techniques would work on those I am thinking of. Thanks for posting.

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Obnoxious Person Disorder? I’m there! Love it! But really, I think it is a factor of getting older. I don’t have as thick a filter as I once did and really don’t see why I should use one.

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