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Are you concerned about the safety of new technologies that transfer energy over distances wirelessly?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11156points) 2 months ago from iPhone

New technologies are showing that it is possible to send energy over vast distances as waves that are then converted back into energy.

The safety of these technologies is being studied around the world.

Already, limited approvals are forthcoming.

Already there are foil hat wearers that fear 5G. The idea of energy transferring across vast distances and bombarding us everywhere we go is sure to raise some concern.

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I’m much, much more worried about the climate change disasters that are already happening.

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Not really. It would be in the energy company’s best interest to waste as little energy as possible in the transmission. Ideally, they would collect it all.
Think of it like a water pipeline. Leaks would be costly. And just like the water department they would have devices to meter and measure the flow at every step of the way.
Would I want to stand between the sender and receiver? Definitely not. Just like I would not want to stand between the town water supply and the customers served.
Am I afraid of the water main buried 8 feet below the grass on my front lawn? Nope.
I just hope it never breaks.

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As screwed up as the whole world is with everything else, I think that would be the last thing we’d need to worry about.

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This technology existed since people invented the spear.
Chemical energy gets converted into mechanical energy, which gets converted into kinetic energy, which upon impact with the target gets converted into mechanical energy again, as the spear rips and tears through flesh.

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I think about it. I have 5G on my house and I wonder if I should have just left good enough alone and left it the way it was.

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I’m more worried about the cancer-causing radiation energy constantly being transmitted into us from the nuclear reactor in the sky. Sunscreen, it’s worth it!

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The thing with wireless spread of energy is (as @LuckyGuy compares), it’s like a water supply. They are claiming to spray energy like sprinklers and have your devices pick it up. The energy will go everywhere – it will get to your device, it will wet you, but most of it will go to waste. Are they going to charge you for this bit that goes into your device or charge you for the huge amount they are putting out (and wasting)?

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Nope. These things are tested to meet guidelines for noninterference.
This is nothing new. Everything, even your toaster, is tested for emissions.

Nikola Tesla was instrumental over a hundred years ago for many of the wireless methods used today. Yes, he did create a problem when he accidentally sent out a tremendous blast of a transmission that fried power plant generators in colorado springs some 6 miles away.
I however think he was one of the most brilliant minds of then and now.

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