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Did you watch the testimony by Capitol Officers?

Asked by filmfann (49062points) 1 month ago

I found it riveting.
How did their testimony affect you?

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No. I’ll wait until this evening for the TV network news organizations to hash out the finer details.

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It reminded me, in a way, of watching 9/11 footage. My anger and outrage screamed out again.

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I’m watching as time allows. Sickening.

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I have also been very moved, @filmfann. It is appalling and disgusting what went on that day.

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I’ve been hearing it on my car radio. My heart goes out to those policemen and my outrage is renewed. What trauma they have suffered by this attempted overthrow of the government!

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I, too, am even more outraged! ( And more than a little and ashamed that it happened in my country.)

The lead lunatic said it was “peaceful”. “There were hugs and kisses.”
One of the police officers who were beaten, tazed, crushed and begging for their lives said If that was peaceful and loving, someone should to that at his house.

Those idiots believed the lies he spewed..
You can’t fix stupid – but you can lock them away and throw away the key.

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Contrary to popular belief, the enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

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I didn’t watch it but I’m sure I’ll see it on the news tonight and in coming days.

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I watched it on C-SPAN. Harrowing testimony from four decent men who faced up to an army of lawless thugs. I’m pleased to hear the officers who defended the Capitol that day are to be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. It is the least their country could do for them.

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Just watched some more of it on CNN. The officers are so powerful! Deniers or minimizers should be ashamed of themselves.

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Watched some of it and caught other bits in clips on the news. Powerful testimony and those denying it ever happened, ie just a group of tourists having a normal visit, or that it was peaceful and loving should be ashamed of themselves.

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Man, you know what I didn’t miss? Jim Jordan’s bullshit.

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Yes. I caught clips of it. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Just parts of it was enough to get me pissed off all day. Deniers are traumatizing these people all over again and I don’t know how they can go to work every day to defend the asshats that couldn’t give two sh-ts if they died that day or if they got hurt on the job. I feel so strongly that the Republican deniers are people who had knowledge of what was coming and even aided in the event. Perhaps some didn’t think it would turn out the way it did but I think they are covering their own butts. I’m not sure it’s all about Trump but about their role in it.

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I watched it in it’s entirety. It should be the only thing on TV and streaming for 24 hours straight over and over again wall to wall. No media talking heads, but actually watching the officers tell their full experience.

Everyone should see it. Everyone!

Listening to the four officers each give their initial statements and then answering questions and showing video from the cameras they wore on their person was heart wrenching!

They were tortured for hours. Electrocuted, beaten, their lives were threatened both verbally and physically.

A congresswoman told about hiding in a room just feet from some of the battle and she described hearing officers screaming in pain, afraid, trying to help their fellow officers.

That’s just a small portion.

Every American should see the entire episode.

I shed a few tears watching it. I have waves of melancholy when I talk about it. If that had been my husband I would be sick thinking about what he went through, and the sick would last a long time.

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No. I understand already what happened.
A bunch of crazy SOB’s did another riot. Ho hum. Nothing new. Boring.

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Any of you who think it’s not worth watching, I encourage you to at minimum watch the officers’ opening statements so when you talk about Jan 6 it comes from a place of knowing and not media clips and gossip from friends and social media.

Here is the video, you can skip to minute 25:30 to avoid all the handshakes and introductions.

Over 9,000 people were there that day, thousands of them were violent and brought weapons and used them. The officers were electrocuted, hit with bats and other items, and beaten and crushed for HOURS.

It is not fifty or one hundred men looting and vandalizing as so many want to imagine, this was an organized effort with thousands who showed up.

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That is why it is downplaying the events by just calling them “rioters”.
They were insurrectionists, and, as one of the officers aptly put it: Terrorists.

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@ragingloli I don’t expect you to watch, but I think all Americans should. They were terrorists. They are terrorists. There are plenty more where they came from and also in your country. They are all connected now via the internet. I hope the US finally does something about our WS groups. It’s hard for me as an American to want to limit speech or say a private club can’t exist, but these groups are terrorist groups and should be treated as such.

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We used to hang the worst of them and largely purged the rest from public offices after the war.
Wish we could do that again.

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Here is how drumpf supporters reacted to that testimony:

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@ragingloli We don’t even need to watch that. We can see it above in @gondwanalon‘s dismissal of the testimony and the facts. “Law and order” doesn’t seem to mean much as a slogan any more; nor does “Blue lives matter.”

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Those slogans never meant anything.
They were always just covers for one thing, and one thing only: their support for police brutality directed against black people and other minorities they hate.
When right wing extremists occupied that wildlife refuge, or when Cliven Bundy supporters had an armed standoff with the cops, no one on the right that like to parrot the “blue lives matter” slogan, sided with the cops.

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@janbb The January 6th rioters are criminals and they are being prosecuted to pay for their crimes. Law and order is important. The spectacle of this mess just doesn’t interest me.

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The testimony shows there were explosive devices, numerous firearms arrests, injuries to the vastly outnumbered security team members, millions of dollars of property damage and destroyed or stolen computer files.

And all of this took place while Putin’s Patsy was officially in charge. Putin had to be hysterical with laughter. He won!

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