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How often did you bathe your kids?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44092points) 1 month ago

Ashton Kutcher and GF only bathe their kids when you can see dirt.

I bathed my kids before bed every night to relax them, but also to clean any cuts or scrapes they may have gotten during the day.
As an adult I take a shower every other day.

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Pre-teen kids don’t need a shower every day unless they got really dirty. Our obsession work cleanliness is certainly not health-related.

I bathed my babies when they got really dirty. Then as they got older, they took a shower a couple times per week unless necessary. Once puberty hit, I had to remind my boys to hit the shower more than they wanted.

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We used to bath our two every night, unless we were to tired. Like getting home late from a family movie (pre dvd days) or visiting in-laws. Grand kids get bathed every night. Younger ones I mean, the older set take showers.

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Somebody flag this. I spelled “bath” when I meant to spell “bathe.”
Flagging is such a pain on my phone.

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Every night. Dinner, bath, relax a half hour or so and then off to read a story and bed. They would practically pass out 10 minutes into storytime and start yawning right after bath time. Worked every night.

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Schedules are SO important.

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Weekly – on Sunday nights. Other times as needed, but rare. In the summer, kiddos might need to wash their faces and feet much more often.

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