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Is it ok to feel lonely with people around you? I feel lonely all the time.

Asked by Petunia (17points) 1 month ago

I have anxiety could that be the problem? Or is it just my friends not caring abt me?

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Yes. I prefer my social circle to be of higher standards. It seems like you have good taste in friends. Nothing wrong with that. sometimes when I go shopping I get mild anxiety attacks. I think that I am fat, too tall, shopping wrong, ect. It gets better 30 minutes after I get home

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I don’t know, never had that issue. There are times I really wish I could have some alone time, not happening. Even when I was single, a hundred years ago, I seldom had the privilege of feeling lonely. Always had some bud or other coming by, wanting to go shoot pool and drink some beer, or a girlfriend calling me and dogging me. “Lets go dancing, you don’t spend enough time with me, blah blah”. That’s life I suppose.

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I used to feel that way all the time when I was young. In part it was because I had no meaningful friendships, but I was also very unhappy with the circumstances of my life. I don’t feel that way now.

PM me if you’d like to know more.

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Of course. If you can’t speak your heart, you’ll feel lonely in a crowd.

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You expect too much of others. Expect more of yourself.

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I don’t think it’s that uncommon. I feel that way sometimes.

For me, there are certain parts of my personality that really only connect with a few people in my life. If I don’t see those people for a long time (which is sadly common), I start to feel disconnected and lonely.

My wife and daughter are amazing, but they don’t connect to me in those areas, and yet, I spend 95% of my time with them. As such, there’s a big chunk of who I am that rarely gets addressed. Hence, loneliness.

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I felt lonely married, but after realizing that I was with the wrong partner, I divorced and found happiness doing my own thing.

I am not a party drinking person and do not enjoy that kind of entertainment, I prefer a healthily lifestyle outdoors and around energetic healthy adventurous people.

The only thing stopping me now is finances and time.

After my projects are fulfilled my next goal is to do more active things .

I realized sometimes its the crowd isn’t right for me, so look else where likeminded people gather, then one will find more happiness fitting in.

At present I live in a seniors apartment block surrounded by others who think that drinking and partying is all there is in life?

They have in short given up to an old way of living, but that is there choice, but it doesn’t have to be mine.

I have observed over the 8 years that I have lived in this complex those very people are soon ill, depressed, and going downhill fast, all because they choose unwisely.

Some have passed on already far too soon which the heavy drinking had resulted in their health went downhill.
“Know thyself” and then one would find a happier path.

One just has to find what excites you and moves one forward with a group or not , up to you.

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I think some of us are just built that way, psychologically.

As an only child, I’m utterly independent in many ways, enjoy my alone time a LOT, but I do get occasional lonesome streaks where I need other people around. (Which I kind of resent but i guess we do need others at times haha!)

I remember when I was 17–18 or so, no boyfriend and all my friends were dating someone regularly and I felt like a lonely loser. Six months later it was completely different.

And if your area is still dealing with Covid, remember many of us are all going through this together and it’ll be over someday. Hang on!

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“As an only child, I’m utterly independent in many ways, enjoy my alone time a LOT, but I do get occasional lonesome streaks where I need other people around.”

@KNOWITALL: Exactly the same for me.

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I have often felt this way. I believe it is very common. Try to associate with other people who have more in common with you. That might help.

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