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Did you know that fluther still guards the award secrets with their question removing powers?

Asked by tinyfaery (43050points) 1 month ago

I posted this question: Now that the awards are old and fluther is basically a bunch of old and medium-timers will someone tell me what the following awards pertain to?

My question was removed and I received this message: The mod team pushed this to editing because: Sorry, still guarding those secrets.

Pfft… it’s not like I’m asking for the nuclear codes.

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Only Janets knows the secrets, and she keeps them hidden under the frizzer.

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In case you are interested in the nuclear codes; for twenty years it was eight zero’s.
And that wasn’t during 45’s rule.

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Which awards?

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I guess everyone needs something to do when they’re out with the boys at the local bar on a Friday night…

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I once texted Lisa about it and she said she’d tell me when she had a minute. Now…(sniff)

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I have noticed that the awards have stopped working, all of them. Either someone fix the awards or we have no choice but to spill the secret, as there is now no way you can get the awards now even if you happen to do the right thing to get it.

I’m not criticizing anyone btw. I just think this is a good opportunity to point that out.

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I never realized how badly I needed to know this until right this very minute.

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As Lord Dunsany might have put it:

“Where Fluther Awards are concerned, to however slight an extent, there must always be some element of mystery, arising partly out of ignorance and partly from the compulsion of those oaths by which Fluther protects its precincts from the tiptoe of curiosity.

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You can’t petition the Lord with prayer! (And I suspect, but this is just a suspicion, that maybe the current mods don’t even know how you got the “secret awards.”)

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Then I’m taking over.

You get an award, and you get an award, and you get an award, and you, and you…



You’re welcome.

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Well, if you want to know what the Perfecto-Fish award is for, I’m pretty familiar with that one. I’ll tell, but I’ll have to whisper it privately. I must have got it thousands of times. Hundreds, at least. I should be getting one right now.

@tinyfaery, when I asked which awards, it was because you said “the following awards” and I thought you were going to list the ones you wanted to know about.

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@JLoon <tips hat for the reference>

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@Jeruba I did everything required for that award but I didn’t get it. I used to but I don’t these days.

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I think it’s actually something of an accomplishment that there are still some Fluther awards that haven’t been figured out.

In computer games, people tend to figure out most or all of the secrets very quickly and post them all over the web, etc.

Maybe Fluther deserves an award for retaining some secrets for so long.

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@Jeruba Old-timer & Robot Crush

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@tinyfaery, oh, goodness, I have no idea about those. Honestly, I never liked the awards and so I didn’t pay much attention. I only know about Perfecto-Fish because I kept getting it, so I watched when it came up and figured out what triggered it. I never noticed when they stopped coming, though. Now I’m curious about those other two.

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I think I got the old-timer some time in the past, by accident. I don’t remember how I got it now :D

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I get the feeling CIA is around somewhere. They might

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@Patty now I’m scared!

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I got curious and looked up my list. I have all or nearly all I can get except the ones for lurve party levels. Not all of them have secret qualifications, only the higher levels. I have a couple I don’t remember what was needed to get them.
Some can’t be achieved because there just aren’t enough members actively participating anymore.
Just mentioning the name of an award is not a secret. There is a complete list accessable from our public account view. You can view your own list of achieved awards, and view anyone else’s from their page.
I haven’t attempted any in quite a while, so I don’t know if any are achievable anymore. I know the one for checking in consecutive days was disabled before I first joined as jonesn4burgers.
I’m proud of having the cake in the frizzer award.

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