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Should I quit this job?

Asked by steelers13 (193points) 1 month ago

I work at a bowling alley and I’m not happy where I’m currently working. I’m pretty much working where they put new hires which is pretty much a grunt. I feel like a flunkie working here! I’ve tried to get moved up into a new postion many times and they’ve let me start to get trained at another position but it’s sparingly maybe once every 2 weeks I’ll get a shift at that position. First they complained that we’re low staffed at my postion but continued hiring people at the postion I’m supposed to be getting trained at. Now they’re complaining that I have bad availability and that’s why they won’t give me any hours in a new position. I only have 2 days called off Tuesdays and Thursdays mainly because of college. But I know if I gave them those 2 days I know they would schedule me for 7 straight days at the position I don’t want to be at. I would probably quit midway through the 4th day in row lol. They’ve given me a couple of raises and I get tips too when I work but those are starting to not even matter to me anymore. I want out of this position

I’m not a flunkie and I know im better off somewhere else. I want to leave but I need money to help me get through school. My parents always told me the best time to get a job is when you have a job, but its super hard to get one especially somewhere where I’m gettin a degree in because I would need a degree to get the job. It’s hard to find entry level positions somewhere for what I’m going to school for.

so should I leave right now even without securing another job? should wait until I get one? or should I just stick it out and wait till they finally move me to a different position? even though they been showing me that they’re not trying to move me. please help I’m almost desperate for any kind of advice right now

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If you don’t like the way you are being treated yes.

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What is the alternative if you need the money to go to college? This is not your life’s work, but a means to get a degree. Keep looking for other jobs before quitting this one.

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You get to choose, hopefully based on feeling accurately what is important to you. What will the differences be like for you on each path, and is the pay worth the sacrifice of your time and energy and whatever missed opportunities there are for you if you were at liberty?

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To be honest, employers in college towns see college students as being a dime a dozen. In a pinch, any will do. Lots are available, so if one wants to quit, so what?

It is a bowling alley. There is nothing to move up to. You are not picky about the business you work for, but you do care about the position?

I believe you are focusing on the wrong goal. You plan to get a degree. Is that going to make you happy?
Your current job is short term. If you get another, and hate it more, then you will have present day problems interfering with long term goals.

If it is bothering you so much you just can’t stand it, then go somewhere else, but be aware that somewhere else could suck too.
Sit down, write your priorities, and grievances. See where that takes you.

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It’s foolhardy to surrender a source of income without having another source of income, unless you don’t rely on the income you currently have.

Having said this, I’m a firm believer that anything (or anyone) that costs you your peace of mind is too expensive. Sometimes it takes adversity to motivate you toward the goal you seek. So if you find the conditions where you work now are really that intolerable it may very well be best to seek employment elsewhere.

Best of luck to whatever you ultimately decide to do.

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