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Of those here who have gotten the jab, what did you experience after?

Asked by Patty_Melt (17513points) July 28th, 2021

I have not given my permission, but as a veteran, I have been used already for experimental meds which I did not find out until after.

I have a rare neurological condition, and others with the same are not supposed to experiment with trials except directly associated with my condition.

Last week I needed an.IV. They added an injection I was not expecting.

Please include an age range, and any medical conditions you live with already.

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I am 78 years old with high blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, thyroid medication, and diabetes diet and exercise controlled. I felt nothing but a mildly sore arm after each innovation.

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As an early teenager I got sick after having a booster shot in high school, my arm swelled up and felt like crap for a whole day.

AS for the Covid vaccines I had no reaction at all, but Mrs Squeeky fell ill for three days after her second shot.

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What did I experience after? The blissful joy and serenity that Covid wouldn’t get me.
And NO side effects.

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I am 57, and I have under-active thyroid, and slightly borderline high triglycerides. I got both Pfeizer injections. No side effects other than a slightly sore arm for several hours, and a massive sense of relief.

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I’m 74, and I have no medical conditions.

I got a sore left shoulder which lasted for about 24 hours, after each Pfizer vaccination.

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Sore arm, worse the first time. General fatigue. Slightly elevated temperature the second time. A couple weeks after the second shot, I felt pain that I thought was inflammation in my chest – scary. Turns out it was just an enlarged lymph node from the shot, which apparently indicates a good immune response. Double relief. My doctor said she sees a lot of people with that sort of issue.

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“…the jab” ?!

Anywho, I’m almost 50. Type 2 diabetic. Sore arm for less than a day after each Pfizer shot. Really tired after the first shot which lasted until the next day. Other than that, no side effects.

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I’m 71 with no medical conditions. My only reaction was a little tenderness at the site of the injection which lasted about 24 hours. I got the Pfizer jab both times.

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Late 60’s Healthy. except for prostate cancer
Physically, I had no side effects after the first shot and only had a sore arm after the second.
The biggest side effect was mental. I felt great – like a warrior. I felt like I was being part of of the solution and protecting others. I was immortal.
I felt a little like this: Boomers Got the Vax I still wear a mask and will continue to do so until the vaccination rate is higher and the infection rate among unvaccinated is lower.

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What do you mean added an injection?

I am 53, muscle troubles for many years (vitamin D significantly helps reduce the pain, cramping, weakness, and shaking). I have high cholesterol, intermittent high BP, a heart arrhythmia, hypothyroid, usually low or low normal iron and various red blood cell counts. B12 runs low side of normal without supplements.

When I received my Moderna within two minutes I felt “it” go down my left arm into my hand then over into my left upper chest then up the left side of my neck across my mouth and it tasted like the numbing agent dentists use. That whole process took about 5 minutes I think and lingered for about 30. I “know” a few other people who had the same thing happen. People in my local COVID Facebook group and one was one of their adult children. Knowing that put me at ease. Before I described what happened to me, I had never heard of that reaction. Actually, it was a woman in that group that described the taste perfectly before I had come up with the description of the taste.

I was worried it was causing inflammation, but now I think it was a nervous system reaction maybe. For the next 24 hours my arm was sore.

After the second shot I had all of that, but the feeling immediately after the shot was less pronounced, but the next day I was achy all over. It did not feel like fever ache, it was a muscle tight ache. Not like after exercising either.

I was experimented on too being a dependent treated in military facilities. I always knew it was experimental though and we could say no. I actually had a drug given to me in college that I didn’t realize I was in a trial until later.

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Sore appendage for a few days, after the 2nd injection also fatigue, chills, and light headaches.

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Just a little bit sleepy. Nothing earth shattering.

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73 years old with high blood pressure and Parkinson’s. I had no side effects from the Moderna shots other than a slight pain in the arm which lasted for just a day.

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70 and no medical conditions. Sore arm both times and a day of feeling somewhat fluey after the second. Moderna.

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67, loads of medical issues (arthritis since my 20s, only one working kidney, permanent damage from cancer and treatment for same, chemo and radiation, etc) sore arm both shots, one hard flu-ish day after second shot, Moderna.

What do your details have to do with your question?

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49, relatively healthy (arthritis, back problems, depressed as f*ck). I received Pfizer. The only side-effects I experienced was slight soreness at injection site.

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52, Moderna, sore arm with first dose, flu symptoms 1 day after second dose—strong body aches, fatigue, some nausea. Would have taken a sick day if it wasn’t Saturday.

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I’m 54, fairly healthy except for moderately high blood pressure, I had the AstraZeneca vaccine.

After the first one I felt a bit flu-ish for two days (headache, fatigue, no fever) and had a sore arm for about 5 days. After the second one I felt no noticeable effects except the sore arm which only lasted a couple of days and wasn’t as painful as the first.

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48, decent health, just a and sore arm after shot 1 of Moderna. After the second shot I had a few hours of chills and fatigue so went to bed early and felt fine on day 2.

So are you saying they gave you the shot without your permission? That’s crazy! Your primary doctor should be the one who says yea or nea based on their knowledge of your history. Wow.

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Not unusual for hospital doctors, which in turn is nurses and techs, to do things without telling the patient details, especially in Emergency rooms. Really annoying.

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@KNOWITALL The vaccine is not experimental. The administration of a drug without permission is somewhat annoying, if that’s what happened, but her details go on at length about not getting experimental drugs.
And what would be the point in not disclosing? There are a number of circumstances where you need proof of vaccine, why deny her that?

@Patty_Melt, if this is an area of major concern, contact the ACLU, they may be able to help you.

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I’m not clear the injection was the covid vaccination. I assume it was, but I’m not sure.

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57, decent health (although more sedentary that I would like) – I got J&J. 7 hours later I got feverish, so I took a Tylenol and went to bed. When I woke up all was fine.
My wife felt slightly feverish the day after and felt very tired. She took a nap and was good after that.

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This link from the VA’s official website might answer some of your questions about the VA’s role in administering the vaccine:

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Ageless. No relevant health conditions. Pfizer, two shots. Slight soreness & little red spot. Felt tired and temperature was off for a day or two. Maybe a little lethargic for a week or so after – hard to tell.

Only one person I know had a strong reaction, and that person was expecting it due to allergies and previous reactions to other vaccines. Had perception issues, swelling, immune system reactions, and great changes in perceived body temperature for weeks. But got two shots and is now almost certain not going to have severe symptoms or death if they do get Covid.

What the vaccines do seem to do is kick-start the immune system, and for people with lingering traces of past diseases, that can cause some of the symptoms of those to show up to some degree.

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@canidmajor Did I say they were? haha, nope I sure didn’t.

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I am a spry youth of 29. No significant health problems. I had the Pfizer vaccine. I did not experience anything more than a sore arm (the same symptom I had from the flu shot I got in early 2020). My mom, who is 63, experienced the same. My dad, who is also 63 (both parents take blood pressure and cholesterol medication but that’s it) had the Moderna shot instead and felt feverish and tired the day after the second shot. He was fine the next day, however. My sister told me she felt a little sick after the second shot but it did not last more than a day. My brother had no symptoms. A number of my friends around my age have told similar stories. I don’t know anyone who’s had a severe reaction.

Interestingly I did react badly to a vaccine once. When I was 16 I had a varicella vaccine that caused me to faint about 5 minutes after receiving the injection (I was still at the clinic when I fainted). Not sure what happened there, though the nurse suggested it might’ve been because I hadn’t eaten anything that day.

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I’m not willing to publicly disclose my medical history on the internet. I had both of my Pfizers and the only side effect was a sore arm. The best part was the constant anxiety that I could unknowingly spread Covid to my closest loved ones and friends, possibly causing them agony, and a horrific death, is now gone. I obviously have no desire to die from Covid, but the fear of hurting people I care about (and strangers too) was so much worse.

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I have had my two jabs and after each shot I experienced elation because I knew that even if I contracted Covid my symptoms would be far less than many experienced when the virus first reared its ugly head and the likelihood of it being fatal would be far, far lower.

After getting the vaccines I experienced no side effects and after 3 months of my having my second I am still experiencing none.

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I appreciate the great participation here!

Veterans are being heavily pressured, and my particular VA medical facility is constantly contacting me, pressuring me.

@KNOWITALL didn’t say it, but I will. The vaccines are indeed experimental. They do not have FDA approval, and are for emergency trials.

I am against it for myself, but mind you, I think it should be available for ANYONE who wants it.

I am glad it is giving emotional support to all who is feeling better for having gotten it. I’m glad it has been made available, but my health history, and past experience of having the military use experimental meds without telling me ahead the status. One had long term effects lasting years. So, I do have my reasons, but again, I am happy for those who wanted it being able to get it. Trump’s plan for fast availability seems to have worked well. hell yeah I had to make the mention.

The range of effects I see here is interesting. Am I wrong? It looks like the majority of sufferers here are the women. Maybe I miscounted.

A nurse is looking at my most recent medications to see if my issues might come from any of them. She suspects a steroid. I’m going off that a while to see.

I really appreciate the great participation here. Some of these are totally new to me.

Thanks. Really.

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@Patty_Melt Thanks for your thorough answer. FWIW, I think everyone eligible is being “pushed” to get the vaccine. I keep getting emails from the state telling me I can get a vaccine. I don’t resent it except that it seems a waste to send them to people already vaccinated. There is a real push to get as many people vaccinated as possible; it might have prevented the spread of Delta had it been accomplished as I’m sure you know..

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@Patty_Melt So, am I correct you were not given the COVID vaccine without your permission?

My husband had worse side effects than I did. Following the second shot he had fever, slept for hours in the middle of the day, but by that night he was better. I don’t think there has been a big gender difference.

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Johnson & Johnson.
One shot.
One sore upper arm (region of the shot).
One week (slowly gotten less sore by the day).

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“Experimental” is a matter of semantics. The remaining work for FDA approval is more about paperwork than about playing around with formulations. They have been administered to millions of people, and the main effects and side effects have been revealed. You should balance the risk of getting Covid vs the risk of getting severe side effects. To me it looks like getting the vaccine is the lower risk path.

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Forty-nine. Healthy (knocks on wood). First shot, I had a sore arm. Second shot, flu-like symptoms and sore arm that lasted a couple of days. I received the Moderna vaccine.

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The vaccine is absolutely not experimental, and Trump had absolutely nothing to do with the distribution.

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I’m 53 with type 2 Diabetes. I’m on Metformin pills for that. I’m also on psych meds for anxiety and depression. I got the Moderna vaccine and had nothing but a sore arm both times.

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@Patty_Melt I signed up for it, so whatever happens happens. I guess all of us who got it will know it’s either effective or not, worth it or not, eventually.

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@RocketGuy my concerns are what my symptoms can be attributed to. My judgement is quite clear. Perhaps you missed the part about my reasons why I refuse to get it.

@JLeslie, we aren’t sure yet. I was home visited by a nurse today, so she it helping me track down potential cases of what is causing some unusual reactions to something.

I’m not seeing anything similar here.

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Early 40’s.
Generally healthy.
Two shots of Pfizer.

No reaction to first shot. After second shot, had expected reaction of fatigue, body aches, slightly elevated temperature and very very slight nausea.

The weirdest symptom was my hips aching. It felt like my body was getting ready to give birth or something.

My niece had a similar reaction to her second shot. Early 20’s.

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Male, age 67
Generally healthy
Two shots of Pfizer

After the first shot, I had a slightly elevated temp which didn’t exceed 100 degrees and a bit of fatigue. This lasted for three days, but didn’t disrupt my work. After the second shot there were no noticeable effects.

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@Patty_Melt – you are refusing to get the Covid vaccine because you had symptoms from other sources. You are looking for other people’s symptoms from the Covid vaccine that might be the same as the ones you got from other sources.

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@RocketGuy, you are completely wrong. I asked this question because I thought I may have gotten it, but that is not why I refuse to get it. Your reading comprehension is low today.

EDIT: Hint, my refusal predates the odd symptoms by several months. So how would that make sense?

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@Patty_Melt I really doubt you had the covid vaccine because most likely you would be given an mRNA and would have been told when to get your second shot. The VA is giving the J&J in some locations, but I think more likely a doctor would favor giving you an mRNA.

If you were given fluids because you were dehydrated I doubt they they would give you any of the COVID vaccines. If you were unconscious then I think they definitely wouldn’t have, because they wouldn’t know if you had had one already somewhere else.

Had you fallen outside and cut yourself? Then the shot was likely a tetanus shot if it has been more than 5 years since your last one.

I don’t know why you were being treated, so my guess could be way off.

Can you see your medical chart online?

Call medical records tomorrow and find out so you don’t wonder anymore.

Let us know what happens. I understand why you feel untrusting of the medical doctors.

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I’m 70 and in good health. I had no reaction whatsoever from 2 inoculations of the Pfizer vaccine. It was like they just gave me a saline solution. HA!

Last week I had a pneumococcal vaccine inoculation that kicked my butt. About 3 hours after the inoculation it felt like someone slugged my arm with a baseball bat and I felt crappy the rest of the day. The next day I felt normal again.

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@gondwanalon Oh darn, I’m due for that one.

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64, numerous health issues, 1st shot – maybe a little tired, 2nd – major itching in the arm where I got it which lasted just over a week. Pfizer.

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57, female, basically healthy, Pfizer shots. Tired and a slightly sore arm the day after the first shot. A more sore (sorer?) arm after the second shot. I wasn’t as good about keeping my arm moving after the second shot.

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If we’re talking about the vaccine for covid, I got mine done on a Friday afternoon after work, both times. The first time I felt a bit more tired that Saturday, but on the other hand, that might have been normal weekend laziness. I just slept a bit more and I was not unhappy to do so. The second shot I didn’t experience any side effects.

Other vaccines, such as the flu shot, etc? The most I’ve ever experienced is a little bit of a sore arm for a day or two from them putting the shot in the muscle I presume.

Oh, and I got the Pfizer shot and I have lots of health conditions. Diabetes, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, although it’s mainly controlled…

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