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What are some bad things to wish for that other people would think is a good thing?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19330points) 1 month ago

Like to be famous? Becoming famous means that you can’t enjoy a burger to yourself, in public

Humor welcome.

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Children often wish they were adults. When they become adults they wish they could go back to be children.

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A soul-crushing corporate job.

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Another child on the way when you are at the poverty level and can’t feed the four kids you already have.

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To go to heaven and see their loved ones again amongst the clouds and pearly gates.

More likely you die and…nothing.

Of course, I should qualify this by saying ‘potentially’ bad as I could be wrong.

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@cookieman There is certainly a part of me that hopes I am wrong. But sadly I do not think I will ever see @Darth_Algar again.

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Well, I don’t have to mention one which is glaringly obvious now.

A few times I have been watching certain movies and thought, I wish his towel would fall off. :-P

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@anniereborn: I really hope I am wrong so you can see him again.

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Becoming famous.
Only just noticed you had this example in your details. Agree!

Winning the lottery.

Things going back to how they used to be.
This is a tricky one.

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