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How did the Tin Woodman of OZ become Emperor of the Winkies?

Asked by gondwanalon (20373points) 1 month ago

The creepy story as I understand it is that a wicked witch chopped up of a “meat and bone” woodman (with his own ax) because he was messing around with her servant girl. Then the girl took the chopped up body parts (or maybe it was just the head) to a tinsmith who made a body of tin for the woodman. Since the Tin Woodman didn’t have a heart, he had no more interest in love or the girl and went about the business of chopping down trees.

Why did the Winkies build a magnificent tin palace for the Tin Woodman and make him their emperor?

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He promised to make Narnia great again, and build a great wall to keep out the child-like empress.

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I gather that Tin is big news in Winkie Country, and they proposed he be emperor after the party he was with (Dorothy’s party) rid Winkie Country of the unpleasant rule of The Wicked Witch of the West. Little girls, lions, dogs and scarecrows may not be considered so eligible for emperor-hood in Winkie Country.

@ragingloli Is Narnia even in the same universe as Oz?

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The Narnia story is cool, uplifting and fun.
The OZ story is weird, creepy and spooky.

OZ books gave me nightmares as a kid. Wicked witches, rotten pumpkin heads, flying monkeys, immortal tin and straw men leading mortal kids into danger, bizarre old man that impersonates a wizard, balloon people, etc, etc.

@ragingloli You are right about one aspect of your response. The land of OZ is similar to the make believe world of politics.

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