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Is it on purpose that signing in is necessary in every new Fluther tab/window you open?

Asked by flo (13313points) 1 month ago

I think it’s kind of a new thing. I am not sure if it’s on purpose or not. If it is, why is it (not that it’s a problem, since it takes no time)?

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Do you mean sign in to your account each time? I don’t have to do that.

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It used to be all I did when I opened a new tab/window was click on the logo and it would show I’m signed in.

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I just closed the tab for Fluther and then opened up a new tb put in and I didn’t have to sign in again. Must be your computer.

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I’m glad I posted the queston then, and now other people will know that they need to make sure their computer doesn’t do that. How, to fix the computer I don’t know.

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It’s a behavior of the web browser you are using, with whatever settings you are using (whether you set them, or they were set by software… such as an update to your web browser, which companies often like to get people to set to happen automatically).

I have been deliberately denying rights to update itself to the browser that I use to connect to Fluther, and the login behavior has not changed for me. For me, it seems to randomly require me to login about 1 in 50 login attempts, but it remembers my login info, so I don’t have to type it in.

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@flo. I had the exact same problem and just asked my son if he could fix it. I had a setting on the top of my screen that had turned browsing to Private and that was what caused the log out. I’m on a IPad with Ios. Your problem is probably something similar.

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What?? I may sign in only about once a month..

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So, the browser is Firefox (I never have a problem with Firefox) No problem with Explorer and I can’t use Chrome because I aswered “No” to ”.......Would you like to temporarily copy it to thr local hard drive and run it from there…”

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Edited : Now I’m using another computer (desktop, last time too), and I didn’t get the question -from Chrome this time when I tried to open in a window. Anyway, it’s the same as with Firefox, sign in again. So, as I have noted on other occasions, Explorer (the old one) can be a saviour.

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