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What do you think I should do for a body paint themed photoshoot?

Asked by nayeight (3347points) September 12th, 2008

So I’m doing several photoshoots for my schools annual “Top Model” fashion show. In previous years, they just had a fashion show where girls were eliminated through rounds in the show. This year, they’re trying to be more like the actual “American’s Next Top Model” tv show by doing photo shoots this semester that will cut half the girls and then a fashion show in the Spring that will cut the remaining girls. Because we’re in school we can’t do as many photoshoots as we’d like but one of the shoots we’ve decided would be interesting is a body paint themed shoot. But I’m wondering if we should actually paint a design on the models or have paint dripping and splattered for an abstract look. The prices of paint are a little expensive but we really are dedicated to doing this theme. What would you do? Do you have any experience in body painting? Any tips?

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Since the Football season is coming up then maybe FOOTBALL TEAMS?

Another suggestion would be, Zodiac, astrological signs?

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@ FrancisRude – Thanks, I like those ideas. So I should paint on their bodies with brushes?

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Yeah I’d say. I don’t know what tools body painters use.

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you could paint them as animals…..

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Sounds like a fun thing. So like i would do a flower girl. like paint all green and have Bright colors for follows and have like leafs…its what i would do ^^’

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I tried to answer to my best ability so don’t hate pleasee

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Most body painting for models is done with special water based paints whose pigments are not toxic to the skin. They are most often applied with an airbrush or paint brushes. small detals may be applied with a brush or other cosmetics applicators.

here is a good starting point:

im trying to find a website that i had found once with some really amazing work and tips.

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Here are some fantastic pics from the World Body Painting Festival.

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As crass as I may sound, maybe use flesh toned leotards and then mimic the infamous body paint Playboy shoot? See 50th anniversary for ideas

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