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How do I tell my boss I need to switch to part time?

Asked by Jdogg422 (4points) 1 month ago

I accepted a full time Assistant Director position at my day care job a year ago. Since then, my health and family life has been affected negatively by it. We are severely understaffed, so if I go part time, or quit, I would feel bad about leaving. I could never do that to my boss and coworkers. I like this job and my boss and I and my coworkers are good friends. I’ve told her already that I’d like to be part time, but she said I’d have to give up the position and maybe take a pay cut. I am ok with that, but I think we can work something out where I still be her assistant and work part time. Since we are understaffed and there are multiple other stressors in my boss’ life right now, it really isn’t the best time to add this to it. I thought of asking the principal (my boss’ boss) if she has any advice. I really don’t see myself working anywhere else but here and I need a part time job and since my boss needs me, I want to be helpful. But it is at the expense of my health and family. Any advice for me?

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Is it possible you could quietly look around for someone to job share with? That is an easier sell to your boss if you could make it work. It’s really hard to make these kind of changes when understaffed and everyone is working extra. But your health is very important. I hope you can find a solution.

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Always put yourself and family first!
I would just give them two weeks written notice that you’ll need to move to part time (as of this date) and take the pay cut, and go from there.

Sometimes you have to remove emotions from difficult decisions and only focus on yourself and your family and what’s best for you. If they appreciate you as much as you enjoy working there, then they should work with you so you are healthy and stable.

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This is your life. Do what’s right for you and your family first.

The rest will work out to whatever it does.

Work Life Balance is so important. There are others jobs. Oftimes it happens for a reason and you find it is for the best.

Do what is first and foremost to you and family.

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