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Have you seen the BBC series "The Power of Art"?

Asked by Jeruba (51855points) 1 month ago

Simon Schama, The Power of Art (2006), 8 episodes on Netflix DVD.

I’ve been watching the series, 6 out of 8 episodes so far, and found it quite fascinating and well done. The commentary strikes me as quite brilliant in places, although I did have to get used to the host’s speech mannerisms.

But something about it, maybe the rather sensationalistic treatment of the artists’ biographical material, is putting me off a bit. I’m very aware of the hand of the video editor, and that’s a big factor.

Does anyone else have a reaction to or comments on this series?

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Haven’t seen it, but from the preview in your link looks like it’s worth watching.

And as far as the take on biographical material, artists lives have been sensationalized since Vasari started hyping his heroes in 1550. Critical watching skills are as useful as critical thinking ;)

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