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What's that song that we sang in 3rd grade?

Asked by MacHacker (75points) August 4th, 2007

So way back in the day, I'm guessing third grade, we had to sing a song. I dont remember the title of the song, or the remaining lyrics. I have some of the lyrics stuck in my head and have for many of years, but have had no luck finding the remaining. It is a slow melodic song. Here is what I remember:

"Once there was a young man who said, said to all the girls he might wed. Here is a riddle, you must decide, give me the answer and be my bride."

Any ideas who wrote the song, or the missing verses?

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The Sphinx of Giza? Also it is a mature song that has adult themes, wed and bride are advanced for what parents want kids to know about.

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Any links where I can learn more? I can’t seem to find the full lyrics / written material about it.

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Sounds like a rhyme like meet me in bed. Sorry but that’s all I have.

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