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If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, is there a monetary limit where Medicare doesn't give any of your money back?

Asked by kritiper (20995points) 1 month ago

For part “B” Medicare, it costs $150. Then, when you sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan, you may get all or part of this $150 back. If you make too much, will Medicare not return any of your $150?

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This may be the chart you are looking for:
medicare rates go up if you have higher income

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To clarify:
With a Medicare Advantage plan, you may pay little or nothing to Medicare. You have to be initially paid into Medicare Part “B” before you can sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan, so you would get some or all of the initial $150 back from Medicare once you signed up for the Medicare Advantage plan. Is it possible to get so much money from Social Security that you wouldn’t get any of your $150 back?

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