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Can anyone suggest a teaching program online for a 4th grader with dyslexia?

Asked by Pandora (30205points) 1 month ago

My grandniece is being homeschooled because of Covid and needs assistance learning as far as her dyslexia is concerned. I would appreciate information on, online activities, and any know tricks that can assist her.

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My grandson has dyslexia. We found many good sources using Google. Age 12, it is still a struggle for him, but he wants to read, and fights through. He is also left handed.

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Try this one Just tell them that she has dyslexia.

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@KRD I looked at the site but I didn’t find where they said anything about helping children with problems with dyslexia. Also do you know how much they would charge?

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I’ve heard good things about Orton-Gillingham for dyslexia. Though it’s an approach, not a specific program. Perhaps look for a reputable program that uses it?

Good luck!

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How old is your grandniece?

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@Pandora Branson can be free if it is through a major public school

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My bad Branson is free through any public school.

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At age 4 your grandniece is in preschool. Stuff like learning to use scissors, coloring, recognizing colors, etc should be your “curriculum”. Do not push her!

Talk to the school district and see what they say about an IEP.

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@snowberry I think her grandniece is nine?

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Right. I read that too fast. However, if the child lives in the US, she should have an IEP. Have you talked to the school? They should at least give you some ideas.

Also, try using cursive instead of printing. Mirror image letters such as b and d, p and q are really problematic for dyslexics.

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Funding and resources would vary by state. Homeschooling could be considered outside of the district and IEP might not apply.

Has your granddaughter considered independent study? That way your grandniece is still enrolled in the district and should still have access to services through IEP.

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