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What do you call the top part of the following key holder that you press to attach to the pant etc.?

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A clasp is what the description calls it.

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It resembles a wire gate carabiner BUT carabiner usually refers to something load bearing ie something that you’d trust to if stop you from falling to your death.

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Here is the image:
So, if it’s on a travel bag or other things it’s called the same thing I guess.

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Yeah, it’s a carabiner.

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I would call it a Karabiner.

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Thanks all. I don’t know about “fob” though.

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By the wow do you fix the hard plastic clasp on a bag, if it keeps getting detached?

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@flo I would just get a new one if you can. My experience is that they are not very pricey. Or if you go to some sort of home and garden show, often places will be handing them out for free because it has their business information on them and they figure it’s free advertisement.

By the way, Amazon has them for cheaper if that’s an option for you:

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@Lonelyheart807 Home and garden show, it would not have occured to me. Thanks.

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