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How can I make videos play fullscreen on my tv using a vga-out from my macbook?

Asked by arcoarena (692points) September 12th, 2008

I am running a mini-dvi to vga cable from my macbook to my 32” flat panel tv and using VLC player to play videos but I cannot figure out how to make it full screen on the television without those stupid gray bars at the top and bottom.

Everytime i try to put it in full screen to get rid of the bars it puts it in full screen mode on the computer moniter!

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Not 100% sure i understand what you mean, but this might help:

in System preferences, select screens or whatever it is in english.
Go to organizing, and make sure the option for showing the same on both screens is ticked off. Then move the menubar in the small monitor icons to the external monitor icon. this will make your tv the main monitor. From there, make sure resolutions for your tv and macbook is set to a max, then try vlc.

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assuming you have figured out how to get TV to act as your monitor using the VGA cable there is a trick i use for videos that do not have a “view in full screen mode” button. On your Macbook in your system preferences go to Universal Access. Click Zoom: On. Now you can zoom into or out of anything on your desktop holding the option apple and plus or minus keys.

Its a really cool apple trick that i use pretty frequently.

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Thanks to both you guys

@ wilhel
thanks that works but the only problem is that I am unable to use both screens if I am trying to do something else such as scroll through fluther and watch a video at the same time since it is a screen copy although it does fix the problem if I don’t need both moniters.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean. I just enabled that. I typically hold the ctrl key and scroll up with 2 fingers on the trackpad for zooming. is that the same trick you are referring to or is it something different?

if anyone else knows a way to watch videos full screen and still allow me to use both moniters that would be awesome too!

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He is referring to the same trick. Normally it’s Ctrl+ scroll, but it might be option+scroll on some setups.

Well, what i meant was to turn of the screen copy thing. so that you can use both screens independently, then choose your tv as main screen. doesn’t that work?

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awesome! thank you so much that did it! Woops i was a little confused the first time but thanks again!

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