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Is this outfit inappropriate for casual wear?

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I think it is a horrid clash of styles.
A shoulder-padded jacket and high heels paired with frayed hot pants?
Come on!

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I’d say so, but whatever flips your wig. It’s your life.

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The shorts are good for the beach or the park, but don’t go with the dressy jacket or heels. If this is a question about casual clothes at work, then yes, it’s inappropriate. If it’s a question about casual wear for a date, I think the styles clash and wouldn’t recommend them together.

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It starts off well at the top with earrings, sunglasses and orange jacket. The handbag is a bit big but looks OK. The jeans look as if you are starting to lose sight of the overall plan and the high heeled shoes definitely jar. Nice legs though.

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I don’t think it’s inappropriate, it just doesn’t look good. Now a short-ish (mid-thigh) skirt instead of the jeans shorts would look pretty good. And personally, I don’t think white heels go well with much except a very summery look. Beige heels lengthen the leg (which is always a good thing!), would go better with the bag, and also have a classic, timeless look.

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The shredded jean shorts make it look ‘unpolished. A short flirty skirt would be better.

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It’s exactly what I’d wear if I was going to the ATM.

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Perfect for a Zoom call, although she doesn’t need the heels for that.

Also, perfect for commuting in a hot, high-humidity town, then put on your carry along slacks or skirt when you get to the office.

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Who knows what this person’s circumstances are?

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@Pied_Pfeffer <<shrugs>> She asked. And we don’t even know it the pic is the person asking the question.

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@smudges Exactly. Why judge or make assumptions?

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Huh. I don’t see any judgements, just opinions, which the OP asked for.

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